Arrived at your new country…Now what?


1,2,3…and breathe, you have made it to your destination! But now you are overwhelmed and are not sure what to do next, well here are some tips for getting through the first few weeks of being in a new country.

If the only thing you have done is book a hostel to stay in when you arrive then have no to fear I have the top 5 things you can do to hit the ground running.

1. find access to the internet: you need to have this to get the information you need or if you are stuck and don’t have internet ask the place you are staying at to point you in the direction of the cities information centre (IC).

2. set up transport: do you live in a country that relies heavily on public transport or private transport? well using the information either from the internet or IC, research the best ways to get around the city; take into consideration that having a flexible pass for public transport will benefit you more when you start going for job interview. Consider looking a monthly passes to see if you can get a discounted rate. If you need to be your own vehicle look a local dealerships, or try and find online community website where people are selling cars, mopeds etc. (I.E. for New Zealand it would be something like TradeMe).

3. create a bank account and buy a sim card or mobile phone: you need to have a bank account in the country you intend to stay in, this will help make with business transactions, save the extra dollar from the exchange rate and lets you been more flexible with purchases. Then a mobile phone with the countries approved sim card, then you are away laughing!

4. find permanent accommodation: again use the internet to look for websites advertising room vacancies or go through the local paper; otherwise some large convenience stores might have community boards where people pin up written advertisements.

5. search for employment: if you have noticed a trend… the internet is a wonderful place to search for everything you need, again look on job website and submit your application. Better yet go directly to companies that you are interested in and hand you CV over or ask to speak with HR department. Maybe even speak with people you know living in the city and they might know someone who could help you with finding employment.


I was hoping to be a bit more detailed for you, but in doing so I would only be able to give you one country’s recommendations. If you stay in hostels the first week  other travelers will be able to pin point you in the right direction.




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