How to nail your CV!


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This is always the topic of conversation for anyone who is job seeking, I spoke briefly in my other post about what not to include in your CV and how you can structure it. But for this International Stadium series I am going to go more in depth as to how to make your CV scream who you are as a person. Sadly I have been through a lot of CV’s to the companies I have worked for and I found myself almost yelling at the piece of paper “WHY?!” I hope I can give you some good examples. So without further or do here is How you can nail your CV!



Example from Pinterest

1. Make sure your grammar is sound, if the language you are using for your CV is your second or third language get some to proof read it. Otherwise the person reading it will get a distinct impression that you do not have a sound understanding of the language.

2. Expand your job descriptions of previous employment, what I mean is that don’t just state the type of work i.e. diary management, get expressive. For example: In this role I managed the diary of the general manager and also assisted ensuring that other staff members of the team had the correct information. Did you see what I did there? I get the reader an impression of exactly how it was done. I am not saying that you are dumbing it down, but more you are showing that you are effective in not on diary management but communications too. Note: don’t go overboard, if you had quite a large variety of tasks selection the most important ones you feel are relative; make a paragraph connecting them and then add also my other tasks were…in which you can bullet point off.

3.When writing a personal summary try a use words to describe your personality and also your strong points as a professional. For me I use the words like I am a friendly team player, who strives in leadership situations and has a knack to inter personal communication. Maybe include a little line about career aspirations and what type of company you are searching for, plus also what you naturally bring to a company i.e. reliable work ethic or innovative ideas.

4. If you want to stand out even more checkout designs, I linked this to Pinterest where you can see how people make their CV a personal statement, in a creative industry I say go forth and make it as visual as you can (without over killing it) with other industries look at using a different font, a light coloured background our structure it to give the right information first.

So there you have it, this should now help you be as fabulous as you are in person on paper!

Much love and Magic,



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