The Interview Cheat Sheet

A photo by Rodion Kutsaev.

I believe if you ask anyone about what makes them nervous and uncomfortable in a business situation a lot of them would say the job interview. Now I have had my fair share of being the interviewer and being the potential candidate. There are a few important things that everyone should do when prepping and attending an interview. What I am going to give you is straight forward advice and tips to help you express who you are in an interview and hopefully this will help you get you picked. This is broken down into pre interview and during the interview, now remember these are enhancements in which you can use to help make the whole interview process much more fluid.

Pre Interview

1. Research the company and I mean go to their website read their mission, values and what type of business they are. Also make sure you understand what they are trying to achieve in their industry, if you don’t do this you are going to look silly. I mean why apply for a job if you have no idea what the company is and what they are trying to achieve?! Plus read the job description!

2. Attire – Women, modestly dressed please; contain cleavage and anything that makes you look like you are going out on the town. This doesn’t mean you are restricted, go onto fashion sites like Cue or Max plus use pinterest if you want to add a bit of uniqueness. Also make up and hair to be well presented, people will understand if you came by public transport and your hair is a little out of place.
Men – Clean shaved or well maintained facial hair, hair brushed, a collared shirt if you want to use a tie it is up to you, plus dress pants and make an effort to make sure everything is ironed!

3. Have some questions for your interviewer, even if they are basic like what are your expectations of a potential candidate? Does this position have any flexible and chances to improve productivity?

Once you have these points sorted you are ready to head out for your interview

The Interview

1. Take your time! What I am saying is listen to the question the interviewer asks you and then take 2-4 second to think about a reply. This may seem like a quick moment but its not, it is just the right amount of time to arrange your answer and when I say seconds I am mean 1 thousand and 1, 1 thousand and 2. That 2-4 seconds is a perfect amount, plus you look thoughtful and attentive.

2. Think of cue to give when you need more time to answer their questions, I use the line oh that is a great question! Then I pause and go over how I am going to reply to it, cues help you indicate to the interviewer that you need some extra time to answer. But don’t do this will every question, otherwise everyone gets bored and irritated.

3. Honesty is the best policy, if you do not have any experience in a certain area say it! What you might lack in one area you will make up in another, all companies have training days and in house teaching to help you get right on track. Remember companies take on candidates not only for their qualifications but for their personality and drive.

4. Enhance your good points, I always talk about the strengthen in my communication. So I mention that I work very well with other and are not afraid to speak up when something is going wrong. Talk with friends and family if you are not too sure what your good points are, you might be surprised and enlightened by the response.

5. If you can use your interviewer’s name, even if its at the beginning or the end of the interview. Acknowledging the interviewer’s name shows that you have taken note of your surroundings and also shows your basic memory skills.

6. Smile, breathe and relax into your chair. This strengthens your impression of confidence and professionalism.

There you have it, now smash your interview!


Photography by Rodin Kutsaev


One thought on “The Interview Cheat Sheet

  1. This is such a helpful post, I will definitely be referring back to it when I finish uni next year – thankyou! I definitely think interviews are the most nervewracking thing but with your tips hopefully I will feel a bit braver! xx

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