Why I Write


This post was written thanks to the “Why I write” blog hop that was given to me by my friend Laura from theworkhershe is a great inspiration for me in keeping focused on my business and you can’t go wrong with some of her tips about careers. So do hop on over and say hi to her and that you found her through me 🙂


Why do I Write?

I have come across posts, about me pages or just general statements from people saying that it is their passion and that they have been doing it since they can remember. I am a little bit different, I have always loved and I am mean LOVED to communicate whether it be by talking, writing or jumping up and down and being a lunatic. Writing has always been apart of what I do, but I never had the confidence to put pen to paper constantly. In the last few years I was diagnosed with a low level of dyslexia, my level means that when I am in a pressurised environment in which I can only write something once my brain does not seem to cope, therefore my exams would suffer. But thanks to my university they gave me the right tools to help overcome this and then my grades shot up! It was a boost of confidence for me, shortly before I graduated I started this blog, I believe the reason I have stuck to it is because I believe in myself and my abilities now that I have the tools I need all along. Also I just can’t help wanting to help other people succeed in life, its my drug and I am proud to say that I am an addict!

How does my process work?

Again I believe my process would drive some people nuts, I only write when inspiration hits me and it is quite erratic. I write down the title for the post and then leave it sitting there, when I have a thought I jump online and power it out! However thinking about this I read a lot, as in I polish off books weekly, I read blogs everyday, I scroll through facebook reading articles that pop up. Then when I am writing I remember posts and articles that relate to what I am talking about and link them in, because sharing is caring people! I have managed to post every Friday, I would like to post more but for me currently it would feel forced; plus Friday is like a trigger for my brain to go “hey you need to wrap up what you have been doing all week” the magically I finish a post by this type of inspiration.

What am I working on?

I work two part time jobs, one as an account manager and the other as a receptionist/administrator. I earn more $$ doing that than having one full time job, plus it give me days in the week to work on blog! For the wayward professional I am writing currently two series, one is the international stadium and the other is from my never ending bucket list series; then in between I write whatever hits me or inspires me. I am currently working on some products to help my fellow waywards in the work force, so look out in the future for those!

How does my writing differ from others in my genre?

I write like I am you best friend/counselor/mentor, I try to keep jargon low and aim at enlightening people who come to my blog, I want you to walk away feeling that you have experienced new understandings and friendship. There are so many websites out there that are just too stuffy for me! They either tell you that you are a failure because you are not doing things there way or that you need to do X Y & Z to be successful in life, that makes me just wanna say piss off. Everyone’s life is different, we all value things differently and that it people just tell you honestly how you can go about and improve your situation you will find that a lot of people are happy to listen.

Who I want you to meet:

Sara from Business Bestfriend: this girl came into my life thanks to The Blogcademy we became quick friends in our goal for a better work life and culture. She has presued her passion for business right from a young age, we both are passionate and optimistic people and thrive in what we do. She is someone you will definitely become best friends with!



2 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Such an interesting read Zoe! I like it that you’ve admitted to not always being a writer – but rather a communicator 🙂 It’s also great how you write on what inspires you, it really transfers through the page. You must have so much to juggle with two jobs and a blog – go you! x

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