Stage Three: Allocating Dates


Photo By Rayi Christen W

I have had quite a few people give me their opinions on how you should allocate dates, a large number of them said that you shouldn’t allocate dates if you are going to explore countries, otherwise you end up feeling rushed. I agree yet also disagree with this, firstly unless you have an unlimited supply of money you can easily end up coming home early and not seeing everything you wanted to see because you didn’t as least have a basic plan. On the flip side yes planning too much loses the spontaneity about traveling, so I took the best of both worlds and designed my own method for allocating dates.

From using my budget, I worked out how long I can travel on the funds that I have. There were adjustments along the way as I discovered that all the place I wanted to travel were not viably fund able.

So how would you budget for a long trip? Well here is an option for you!

– Decide how long you want to travel: this may sound a bit obvious but some people actually really struggle to pin point an actual amount of time. It might sound silly but when you don’t have the restrictions of work then trying to set down a time period can be difficult. What I recommend is that you break it into weeks rather than days, so for example if you are traveling to more than 2 countries consider this equation. 2 weeks can cover certain regions of countries your plan to visit, 4 weeks can give a chance to see all capital cities and some smaller cities in one country.  So by using basic math you can get equations like this 4 (weeks) x 3 (countries) = 12 weeks

– If you have researched about the places you are going then you can edit the dates to suit what you are seeing. For example, I am keeping Malaysia quite short compared to my other destinations in South East Asia, this is because we are only heading to Borneo and Kuala Lumpar. However I have allocated for Vietnam 2-3 weeks as I planned to travel from the bottom to the top of the country. By having done some research you eliminate staying in certain places for too long if you choose to pre book flights.

Using these options will not only save you money but will also encourage to give yourself the best experience!



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