Walk the Talk – The Imposter Syndrome


“Many people privately fear they are not properly qualified to do the job they have been appointed to – and this fear undermines their capabilities.”


I never had heard of The Imposter Syndrome before, but when Sigmoid Curve approached me with the possibility to do a review on this book I was intrigued. Reading the blurb of The Imposter Syndrome by Harold Hillman gave me an instant impression that this book was definitely up my alley, so for today’s post I am reviewing this book!

What I love about this book is that it encourages people to be themselves in the workforce, to show your authenticity and not hide behind a facade. I have always had this mindset and for years couldn’t understand why others did not follow this ideal. Dr Hillman explains the definition of The Imposter Syndrome through factual definition and personal examples. “Who am I and Who Others Want Me To Be”  is the daily battle many people face, Dr Hillman brings to the table the reality that everyone at some point in their career has puts on a mask, whether it is to cope with their environment or impress others.

As I mentioned the book has fantastic examples, like a story Dr Hillman gives you a selection of scenarios that anyone could relate to and explains the reasons for how The Imposter Syndrome has occurred. He also breaks down the symptoms of the syndrome, for example one symptom he talks about is being guarded and defensive – this symptom shows the person feeling that any feedback is a personal attack on them; they also put their opinion out more as a decree rather than a suggestion.

This self-help book is not only designed for the individual but also for companies to understand why people act the way they do, this book encourages personal growth in being who you truly are and gives you both scenarios and activities of how you can combat the syndrome.

What more could want for the business world?

The book spoke to me, I could imagine any professional no matter what their level being entrant right through to absolute expert. I do urge anyone who wants to feel more themselves in the workforce and who are battling with the social norms, maybe I would even go as far to give this book to your boss or if you are the boss to your employees. It does make a great discussion for team building and working on the culture of a company. You never know you might just be the one to be the change maker in the company,

So hop to it!


This post was help made by Abhi from Sigmoid Curve!


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