Blogger Snail Mail

2014-11-02 20.12.23Awhile back I signed up to Lipstick and Lashes Blogger Snail Mail project, I found this post and pretty much got lost in the excitement of the possibility of meeting other bloggers and sending them snail mail. You cannot disagree with me that anyone gets excited when they receive mail in the post that is not a bill!

After finding this post in August, I got myself signed up for the Autumn intake and so at the beginning of September I started my email communication with Hannah from Suitcase and Sandals (based in England) I had a great time talking with this cutie. Also since I am moving to the UK in June we plan to meet each other face to face! What a great opportunity to meet people from the other-side of the globe, it was also really cool to find out the things we have in common such as traveling and people.

I really enjoyed reading Hannah’s blog, as it is a Lifestyle Blog I get to see what she gets up to (that doesn’t help with my nosiness…). I especially loved her 21st post where she talks about what she did and you get to see her outfit! Which her mum and Nana made!! Since she is in University it was great to read up on dorm life, she gives tips for freshers and also she gives a room tour of where she is staying while studying; fascinating for me as I didn’t stay in dorms while I was studying.

My mail I received from Hannah was very cute, the fact that I love tea and that I got tea from England was awesome! We all had a 5 pound limit so you had to get creative. I also got a lovely notebook that I will use on my travels, a picture frame, tropical chapstick which I haven’t found in NZ and lastly some pretty bracelets.

So if you want a unique way to meet new people, I suggest you sign up to this project! Gemma does a great job at pairing you with different people from around the world, especially since its blogger snail mail you might even get to come across different blogs that you might not read.

See you in June Hannah!

Well get to it!



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