Stage Four: Booking the First Ticket

Booking the first Ticket

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Well you have made it, you have a destination where you want to go and how long you want to be there for. You have start a savings scheme and you also have incorporated a budget while you are traveling, not bad my waywards you are on the way to having the best overseas adventure yet!

So now it starts to become reality, the first ticket needs to be purchased and your stomach is filled with butterflies, you have thoughts running through your head of when do I need to book my ticket and where is the best place to purchase them? Well beau boo I got you! Below are my recommendations of where you can hunt to find the best bargain in flights and when it is the best time to purchase a ticket.


Webjet – This system is great at giving you a spread of prices and airlines, you can also flick back between days to see the pricing which I think is an added bonus! Webjet was probably my first combined airline site that I start using when I start doing small trips to Australia. I found personally that the prices where quite good or cheaper than some places, but you also need to take into consideration the stopovers and detours that they might take. I almost got a ticket with a stopover of 14hours and that would mean spending more money on a hotel or keeping myself entertained for the whole time.

Expedia – When I was in Europe this was more my go to for reliable prices, packages and deals. It sometime ended up not being the cheapest website to go through, but I found that I got better overall deals in the sense of hotel & flights combos.

Sky Scanner – This has been my go to for most of price comparisons, this site is great for mobile apps and very easy to use. I like the variety of airlines that they have on this system and I seem to be getting the best possible prices; also they give you a better selection of options for filtering!

So what websites would you pick?




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