Industries for Career Opportunities

Job Hunting

Photo by Jonathan Velasquez

My recommendations come from my own personal experience and also the recommendation of work colleagues and friends. If you think none of these industries speak to you, then just jump on to Google and look up “the top industries for career opportunities” or something similar to it. I also wanted to provide you with opportunities that are not so predictable, i.e. doctor, accountant or lawyer. With the international stadium series, I am trying to show that you can consider changing career paths when you move to a new country. So please do leave comments below about my recommendations, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Hospitality (Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, Cruise Liners)
It may seem quite unappealing to a lot of people, if you haven’t got some qualification you are going to start on lower wages/salary. But if you are wanting a job that is a consistent challenge and changes on a regular basis then you should consider this industry. There is always plenty of jobs going from the food section (chefs, servers, assistant mangers) right through to higher management such as directors of departments in large organisations. Also take into consideration that you can work in many countries, hospitality is a flexible industry internationally.

Insurance (Health, Contents or Animal Insurance)
Each countries policies would differ but once you get into a company they would train you on what was what, there is always going to be opportunities to grow in Insurance, whether you start in sales and work through to management or even become an under writer.

Design (Art, Graphic or Architectural Design)
Buildings need to be designed, as products will always need to be advertised. There are so many levels in the design industry all you need to do is find your niche and BAM! There are plenty or opportunities from small companies looking for contractors right through to the big advertising agencies.

Engineering (Civil or Mechanical Engineers)
The Transport is probably one of the biggest industries in modern countries, as populations expand so does the demand for more roads, buses and fuels. Along with demands for engineers, there is also demands for project manager, labourers and financial adviser to make sure they come on budget.

– Travel/Tourism (Airline, Tour Companies, Travel Centres)
Flight Attendants, Pilots, Ground Crew, Luggage Handlers, Customer Service Reps, Data Analysts. I could go on and on about the types of jobs in travel and tourism, there are always jobs popping up in these industries. People will always want to go go on vacation and with the global economy function as it does business people are always traveling to meet with large or important clients. You would never be short of a job when looking into these industries.

– Government (Health & Education Departments)
Not only does working for a country’s government give you great job security, but it also gives you a chance to give back to the communities by ensuring great service and enhancing public policies. The Health and Education sectors are always shouting out for switched on people to work in admin right through to specialised jobs such as health and safety advisers.

Happy Job Hunting!



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