Time for a little reflection


Photo by: Juskteez Vu

I will be honest these last few weeks have been quite all over the show, with moving back home to save more money before I leave, I feel that my blogging has taken a hit. But what I do is that these hurdles are a fact of life, I know many people who start out with goals (such as fitness, nutrition & job advancement) only to be put off or discouraged because of the hurdles they have it.

What I am saying is that don’t be discouraged, life is just testing your resilience to ever changing variables.  For me it is the ever constant battle of acheiving what I want out of my blog posts, some days I seem to have enough time and the ideas and inspirations spill out on the page. Then BAM all of a sudden I struggle to work through my post, even though I had the idea awhile back the motivation has basically evaporated…So instead of writing my normal business related post, I decided to switch it up a bit and write a more personal post to you my readers.

Reflection is a healthy way to slow down, stop and asses. I really do credit this method, it has saved me many times from rushing into something, whether is be a response back to a client or dealing with an unpleasent situation that work colleagues have created.  I believe that this method has helped me be a more approachable person in the workforce and in everyday life.

So when you are feeling flustered or frustrated, take a little time and write about what you are struggling with. Then if the inspiration hits, you could even write how you are going to solves it?! Who knows?!



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