Recap of the International Stadium


I found this sign hanging in a second hand shop! Absolutely curled over with laughter because its so true!!

I thought I would do a quick recap of what’s come out under The International Stadium series!

First was my post on why work abroad? This is where I gave a pros and cons list about living in a different country. Next was what do you do once you have landed in your new country, from finding a place to stay right through to looking for a job. After that I posted about how to nail your cv, because really you want a fabulous job to go with your fantastic new country! Also I have talked about what do in an interview and what industries you shouldn’t write off as possible career opportunities.

I really hope you have been enjoying the series so far! We are well over halfway there! So what you should expect to see in the upcoming post are style advice and possibly ideas and expectations from real bosses.

So please do let me know if there is anything else you might be hankering to know and I might just add it to the series!

Much love and Magic



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