Stage Five: Getting The Right Kind of Accommodation


Photo by Jeff Sheldon

This can be quite a difficult task if you don’t know where to at least start. The travel and tourism industry is heavily reliant in some countries for their main source of income, therefore you are going to come across some hurdles if you try to go super cheap. I only say this as some countries generally do not have cheap accommodation for budget conscious travellers , but not to fear I am here to give you some recommendations to start your hotel, motel or hostel accommodation on the right foot!

Note: I would like to point out that these websites are search engines for hotels, motels and hostels. Prices do vary depending on the season you go in, also my pricing is in New Zealand dollars ($NZ). So do make sure when you go to the websites that you make sure it is telling you prices in your own currency or a close currency at which you can convert.

Budget Accommodation: $1-$60 per night

Middle of the Road: $60-$150 per night

3 Star Hotels and More: $150+ per night

Now the best thing you can do is start researching the places you want to stay at least 1 month or more from when you plan to be there. Though if you are in South East Asia, look up potential places to stay and go have a look at them when you are there. This is because there is non refund policy in SE and you don’t want to book anything unless you are landing at like 11pm at night. Because if you don’t like the place they will not give you your money back! Also please use Trip Advisor to check out what people really think of the places, if can be really informative.

Just remember that you need to take reviews and opinions with a pinch of salt, if the accommodation is in the right location and is at the right price. You are entitled to take a risk and you might even get a wonderful surprise…

Much love and magic



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