There is no harm asking for help

2015-01-27 19.09.48

Today I left New Zealand to go on my big overseas adventure, I had everything packed and sorted and I was meeting my boyfriend at the airport. Everything went smoothly, check in was a breeze and I got to have a nice breakfast with my parents. So off we went after our goodbyes before the security gate, we pass through the scanners no sweat. I go patted down as a routine check (passed with flying colours) then my boyfriend turns to me and goes I think I have left my wallet in car.

There was a million and one scenarioes running through my head and my poor boyfriend was close to having a meltdown because he missed something important. So we both decided to ask one of the security people for help, we had called his parents who thankfully hadn’t left to check if the wallet was in their car. Luck was on our side and yes it was! So we just had to navigate how to get the wallet through security. Someone/something was definitely watching out for us, because we asked a security personnell if they could help and she happily went out to collect the wallet from my boyfriends parents. She collected it, scanned it for us and then wish us all the best for our trip. What an amazing experience! Yes it was stressful at the time but after the security ladies help it made really appreciate not only kind people but also the fact that we swallowed our pride and asked for help!

So when you are struggling, if its in life, work or like us unexpected scenarioes, there is no reason not to ask for help. You might find that you end up being pleasantly surprised.



One thought on “There is no harm asking for help

  1. I’m so pleased you got the wallet and everything else went smoothly! Travelling can be so stressful sometimes…but it can also teach you how lovely some people are!


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