Kuala Lumpur

DSC00407The first stop on my travels in Asia is Kuala Lumpur, I really enjoyed my time here. There is a large diverse group of nationalities living here, Malay, Chinese and Indian to name a few! It also is the only place I have been to that sells Asian and Indian cusine in one place. In January the weather seems to be above 30 degrees most days and have occasional showers in the afternoon. So if you are not good with heat then you might struggle a bit, I did! but thankfully I climatised…not fully though, still had some sweaty moments. Actually I will be honest A LOT of sweaty moments…



Botanical Gardens

KL has some wonderful places to visit, be careful though Malaysia is not one of the cheaper countries in South East Asia actually it is the most expensive! So for the cost concious people try the botanical gardens, they have free exhibits such as a deer farm and you can pay RM2 for the tram to take you around (its a large place)


Batu Caves

Just go do it, the best experience ever! I am currently visiting while its a Hindu celebration period…bad traveller because I actually don’t know what the festival is for. Once we got to the top and took pictures we took a detour and went to the Dark Caves just to the side of steps. If you have some spare $$ I would highly recommend this, you get an educational tour through the caves and get to understand the importance of our eco footprint. Pretty amazing stuff I think!


The Aquaria

Now this is where my pockets felt the pinch, after we did the caves it was only 12pm so we decided to go to the Aquaria. Its quite a stunning place, some fantastic array of sea life and I loved the playful Otters! However it is quite expensive blew our whole budget for the day. So we had to limp back home and have a quite one because we got a bit too egar, again you have spare cash then its great for families and animal lovers.

Food and Transport

I think I am in love with KL’s trains, whenever we turned there was always a train under 15mins away. BUT and I mean but the only down fall was that it took a couple of days to understand the maps, I mean we thought we were on the right train and most of the time we were but it was heading the other direction. So my pointer for you is to stand there and read it hardcore, then check with staff or some friendly person who asks you if you are lost.

The food was expensive, but that was only because we didn’t know where to look. After a day we had figured out the Petaling and Central Markets, but again lost a little bit on over priced food. The markets were alright but nothing really to rave on about, I didn’t even manage to take a photo of it. For me that just shows it wasn’t as exotic as I wanted.

To traveling!



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