Travel Essentials Long Haul Style!

2015-01-10 10.12.27

This post is a collaboration with Turo who are amazing for airport rentals!

There are plenty of post for travel essentials out there, but I am going to give you a rundown on the essentials that people don’t consider or forget and then end up paying a fortune for! (Depending on what country you are heading to)

Below I have broken the essentials down into 2 categories, the essentials that go into your carry on and the essentials that go into your luggage. I have designed for people who are travelling for more than a month, if you want to see a post about my general travel essential click here.

For the carry on:

2015-02-12 20.08.26

  1. Pen and Paper (or book): you never know when you need to jot down the hotel you are staying in, or a persons address or just how much money you are spending in one day.
  2. A change of clothes: for me I have a clean pair of underwear and a scarf. This is so if you get stranded overnight in an airport or bus terminal you can change your underwear and keep warm with a scarf, or even use it as a top!
  3. Travel Wipes & Deodarant: Like the change of clothes you can freshen up after a long flight, take off make up or war paint from a party and clean sticky hands after a meal.
  4. Camera: Lets be honest here our phone are our entertainment and you don’t want to waste battery taking photos?
  5. Hair ties: For both guys and girls this comes in handy if you need to bind anything together, like documents or broken pacakages.

Seriously I don’t know how many times I have heard people, include myself go “why didn’t I put … in my carry on!” Everything else people remember like books, magazine and make up or for guys their psp or laptop.

For the luggage:

  1. Pick the right suitcase: Are you traveling to first world countries where pull bags will be a breeze or are you going to countries like Asia where there are hardly in lifts in most accommodation. What is your bag allowance? Does it make more sense to get a material bag than plastic? If you don’t ask those questions before you pack then you are mostly likely going to get the wrong bag for the wrong purpose.
  2. Travel Cubes: I am in love with these cubes! They are made out of material and you can put all your lets say pants in one, zip it up and slot it into your bag. No mess! and if you get a set you can probably save more room if you are smart.
  3. Sunscreen and Insect Repellent: This is how they get you, you get burnt or bitten and need to rush into a pharmacy or local store in which you end up paying an over inflated price.
  4. Travel Adapters: Make sure you a share plug so that you can charge more than one electronic device, I have to battle with my boyfriend just to get my tablet charged. Not the best really!
  5. Print off places that you have booked in advance: you might think that this is for carry on, but you don’t need to be carrying info for a place you might not be going to till a week down the track.

Well there you have it my extended version of travel essentials, if you think there are any important items that I have missed please do let me know in the comments below.

Safe travels!




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