Life List – Procrastination Style


Recently I just landed in London, my new city in which I start the next chapter of my life. It feels so strange being in a new city with no family or friends and having to start everything from the beginning. So I decided to step back and just appreciate the little things, this list is a great way to do that!

  • Making: Fabulous posts for my blog
  • Cooking: Does lady grey tea count?
  • Drinking: Lady Grey tea (yummy)
  • Reading: Beauty from the Inside Out by Dr Libby Waver and Shards of Hope by Nalini Singh
  • Wanting: A fun job to start my life in England
  • Looking: At all my email subscription
  • Playing: Card Game called Presidents and Assholes
  • Deciding: Where is the best to live in London
  • Wishing: I could go to Harry Potter world right now
  • Enjoying: Exploring my new city and listening to Gala Darling’s audiobook
  • Waiting: For an income to start acquiring pretty things
  • Liking: The Walking Dead Tv Series
  • Wondering: About the direction of my blog
  • Loving: Lady Grey tea
  • Pondering: The meaning of moving to a new country
  • Considering: What jobs and industry I would like to go in
  • Watching: House Tv Show
  • Hoping: For a fun job and a nice home
  • Marveling: A some of the products and stores in London
  • Needing: Work Shoes and Tops
  • Smelling: Calvin Klein – Beauty
  • Wearing: Pajamas
  • Following: The Greatist and Numinous newsletters
  • Noticing: How pretty London is even in a darker weather
  • Knowing: That the future is going to be exciting
  • Thinking: What can I do to improve my blog
  • Admiring: My friends for their passion
  • Sorting: My room
  • Buying: Oyster card for public transport
  • Getting: A free sim card from my cousin
  • Bookmarking: Health and business articles
  • Disliking: Extremely negative people who make it their job to bring people down their level
  • Opening: My Erin Condren planner
  • Giggling: A cat videos
  • Feeling: Optimistic
  • Snacking: Celery and Hummus
  • Coveting: Asos Bags
  • Wishing: For a good summer
  • Helping: Keep the flat tidy
  • Hearing: The sound of the kettle boiling

I was inspired to do this list by my beautiful friend Sara from Business Bestfriend. Also the list was created by the lovely ladies at #NZbloggers!

To the small things,



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