5 Ways To Overcome Negative Thinking


Almost a month ago I landed in England to follow my dreams of living abroad. Since then I have visited family in Scotland and Germany, plus I caught up with my brother in London too. I still have a few more people to see and I feel so bad that I have not done it yet! But then I realise I have only been here a month and I just need to chill out, also I have been frustrated that I have not found a job yet and it feels like I am going backwards…

Then yesterday I just went STOP! this overthinking is ridiculous and I need to set myself straight. We are all guilty on putting unrealistic expectations on ourselves, when I reflected back I realised I had not been in the country enough to properly look for work. This also coincided with not seeing all the people I want to see in England, I just have not been around! However in the back of my mind there is that little person going “well you should get onto it, stop being lazy”. BUT I AM NOT BEING LAZY my conscious yells back, I have been travelling! please give me a break.

So that’s what I have started doing, getting rid of that little person in back of my head so I can have a break. I know many of you can relate to this, especially in the work place when all your deadlines are due or you feel delayed by other people.


Therefore I am going to share with you my tips on how to realign you thinking (or other words dampening or getting rid of that negative thinking, that evil voice in the back of your head).

  • Simple Meditation: I am what you call an overactive imagination sort of gal, constantly thinking and analysing things. Plus I am a great sleep talker, which I have found out is one symptom of an overactive imagination. Therefore I find it difficult to meditate, but by recommendation I found Headspace an app that helps you with the baby steps of mediation and other situations. I also like it because it does not make you feel guilty if you missed a day etc. Plus the app is adorable so it brings me visual stimulation when I use it, also the results are great! I may not be a great meditator but I do notice changes. Like now, I am writing this post with much better focus and it is giving me great satisfaction! Winning!
  • Write a List: When you write a list you can then work towards completing it, this does not work for everyone as it might aggravate them feeling like you haven’t finished and it there staring you in the face. If that’s the case just use you phone calendar and allocate things each day, week or month and put a reminder message to it. Doing this means you can let it go and think about or things, I do both methods as this really helps my relax more. A written list for things at home, like washing, shopping or parties I am going to attend. Then my phone calendar for my blog posts, job appointments and future people I need to contact.
  • Talk it out with someone: It doesn’t matter is you don’t have a significant other, friends or family can be that bouncing board you need. I use my boyfriend and my parents to talk about my doubts and fairs about work life. For my more personal stuff that is what my girlfriends/guyfriends are for! Talking it out with someone can help you see the bigger picture and make you feel more centered with you choices.
  • Watch Tedx videos: Look no further for inspirational people and innovative ideas, I always find watching these videos to be extremely uplifting and educational.
  • Argue with yourself: Debate with your inner self, logically tell yourself why you should not think this way. Write metaphors and read motivational quote, tell yourself this is a better way and this is way I am going to think. It might sound silly but it can have an enormous impact long term.

Well I hope you find these points helpful, we all have days when we feel like we should be achieving more than what we have right now. Make the subtle changes and work towards your work or personal goal.

I believe in you!


Photos from Gratisography


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