Its all or nothing when it comes to job hunting


This week I have had a few interviews for potential job. This got me thinking about how everything can change in an instant and how we need to absorb it! I know we are all guilty at not seeing the light at the end of tunnel, lately I have definitely been struggling with this. Especially with the feedback I have been getting from the companies who have interviewed me, again you need to take it with a grain of salt and turn the negatives into positives.

Now here are some hurdles I have been experiencing and I thought I might share with you how to overcome them like I did.

  • You are too ambitious: this did stop me in my tracks for a little bit, I mean all through university the lecturers always said “you need to be driven and motivated in order to succeed”. Now you its “too ambitious” from potential employers, well do you know what that screams…INTIMIDATED. Don’t sweat it, things will work out, I promise! I had to cool off for an hour and then I started to realise that this feedback came down to my presentation skills during interviews. So I flipped back to my post The Interview Cheat Sheet and revised again on how I can tone it down a little. For me it was a matter of reviewing the company to see if the had room for progression and also being selective on how much honesty I wanted to give the company, maybe it was too much and they got a little put off?
  • We want some with relevant industry experience: well I am trying to shift away from my current industry, this is something many people including myself find frustrating me to hear. Again this is just the patience everyone needs to have, we all know this but everyone can get annoyed when it feels like its constant. I needed to just keep reminding myself that it just takes one open minded person for opportunities to happen, also I spoke with a friend who was in recruitment and they recommend contacting someone in the industry you want to be in. Ask them out for coffee and possibly talk to them about being your mentor, this could lead many things even a job!
  • Recruiters trying to place you in jobs that really don’t interest you: I luckily am only registered to one large recruitment agency, but if you can try signing up to a smaller organisation. They are still sales driven like the large organisations, but they work harder at placing you and you get a more personable service. I have two smaller companies working for me and they are fantastic! There are time they might offer you something that is not to your taste, but remember to reiterate what you are after so they can get you those perfect job opportunities.

Well there you have my experiences, I would love to hear some of your ones and how you overcame them.


Image by Raymond Sam


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