The most amazing interview ever!


I know you might be reading this going what?! Are you serious? Yes, my name is Zoe and I cried in an interview, this open day/interview was probably the most amazing experiences of my life. Initially I was embarrassed for a little while but the people I had to be interviewed by were really lovely and made me feel more relaxed than I have even been in an interview.

It was a great reflection period that night, this company is a small company and they don’t like red tape bull-shit, can I get a Hallelujah please! They are driven by passion and people, it is like a candidates dream come true (well my dream at least). You are assessed by who you are as a person and not by your past, they barely even looked at your resume just to see what rough skills you had.

After writing my posts on the interview process and recruitment etc it made me smile to know that there are companies like the one I went to still out there. Still wanting their workplace to be fun and exciting, with people who are passionate about being there and wanting to be part of its success, a family life.

This post is my mini memoir about how there are always different sides of the business world, there are the large corporations who like to keep a cookie cutter consistency during interviews and then there are the small companies that love to just do things there own way. But I am generalising, there are large companies that also mimic small business mentality too and vice versa!

What I am trying to say is that when you get the opportunity to just be yourself in an interview or any formal situation, just do it!, it is very liberating and you are likely to find that people will generally like you for you (how astonishing). However don’t throw away your resume or not prep before interview, all you need to do is when in the interview engage whether it is an environment you can show more of yourself in.

I am really happy that I got to share this experience with you, I do hope you come away with some little nugget of realisation just like I did.

To crying in interviews!


Photography by Giuseppe Circhetta

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