Colleague friendships are the best!

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If you look back through your life, can you place a time where you made a new friend from a short experience? School, Camp, Holiday or Work? How did you feel having this new found friend to share the good times and the bad times? Would these words possible be wonderful, marvelous down right the best thing that is happening right now. Over the years I have observed and have been on the receiving end of colleague friendships, and you know what? its what I crave the in the workplace.

So why is it important to have colleague friendships? Well that is the million dollar question isn’t? This article I read reestablished my gut feeling about having friends in the work place, because its not only healthy for you both physically and mentally but socially as well.

I luckily made colleague friendships in each company I worked at, they were my buddy/buddies who I could experience the good and the bad with. They gave me a reason to come to work when things got tough and they were there when I needed someone to vent to. There is a reliance on one another to keep the morale going, when one or the other is feeling down trodden.

“But Zoe how do I make these work place friends?” Well beau I got you, from the wayward files here is some tips on establishing good workplace friendships.

  1. Smile: when you walk around the office, just smile. If you catch the eye of someone and you smile back at them then they will get the friendly vibe. Plus it helps with keeping a better morale and shows that you are an approachable person, so many good points to smiling.
  2. Establish a friendly interaction: they ask you a question or for some help, if you can do it. The drop in a little joke or even a compliment this will establish a friendly connection, they then will likely return it later on. With the mix of smiling and friendly comments you will slowly find that you will start talking more to this person in passing.
  3. Have quirky email responses: again if they ask you a question or help via email, sign off with a quirky response. I like to use “well back to dungeon, it was nice talking to you!”, Or something more upbeat if you like. Now you have opened the channels of conversation, next thing you know the is more non work casual emails.
  4. Catch them on their break: now I am not trying to sound stalker like, but if you do break around the same time as them and you have to share space for breaks. Then by all means go up to them and ask if you can sit with them, engage in light chit chat but if they don’t seem like they want to talk much then just enjoy sitting in comfortable silence.
  5. Repeat 1-4: Keep up your efforts and you will find everything will naturally fall into place, conversations and invites to events will happen. Just don’t force it, my recommendations are about using the natural situations to enhance the possibilities of friendship.

“I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.” ― Helen Keller


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