San Diego – Home of the best Burritos


If you didn’t already know, the first six months of 2015 I was travelling the world! One of my destinations was San Diego, it ended up being one of my favourite destinations in America. In collaboration with Go San Diego I have compiled my favourite places within San Diego.

What I should really do is tell you what I got up to and why you should visit San Diego (not bias at all).. I spent a whole week in San Diego with my boyfriend, bare in mind we were on a budget so we kept our selection of activities to a respectable amount. It was such an amazing time, even though we were told it was one of the coldest weeks they have had in summer! But hey it was super special and when people ask about where to visit in America, San Diego is our top 3. I thought I would give a few descriptions about some of the places we visited, but really its up to you and go see.


La Jolla

On a whim, we headed out to La Jolla. Alex had read up on the place and really wanted to go see the sea lions, I also wanted to look at the fabulous boutique shops. As I got off the bus in La Jolla I instantly felt the beachy vibe, it was fantastic! After being in San Francisco, LA and Vegas it was nice to get this vibe. The weather was a bit overcast but I loved being there, plus I also found me some really cool purple shades (of course). La Jolla is a great place to visit with your friends or family, it has so much to offer in regards to activities i.e. snorkeling in which a sea lion might just swim past you?! Sadly I didn’t bring my swimming gear with me.


Ralphs Supermarket/Gas Lamp Quarter

I know you might think I am made for mentioning a Supermarket, but if you are on a budget like I was then you want to know about the best ways to save you cash. Ralphs was the local supermarket we inhabited, we brought hot chicken and made some spicy rice when we didn’t want to dine out.  I also brought a 4th of July themed cupcake and it was pretty yummy! It was well price and we even got a discount card just to save that little bit extra, it was close to a mall and the gym so we would get our lunch ingredients from there after a workout. The staff were friendly and the place had great value and variety.

Now the Gas Lamp Quarter, I enjoyed the walks through the area reading the little signs about who or what the building use to be about. It is also the home to some amazing restaurants, I went to the Escape Fish Bar the food was amazing and the people were really friendly. It is not as fancy as some of the restaurants but that is the charm of the place, good food, good company and a great price. It is definitely a great place to go for the budget conscious traveller and you get the most amazing array of fish to choose from, plus some flavorsome tapas.


HMS Midway

My Boyfriend loves anything to do with boats, airplanes and motorbikes, so of course we ended up visiting the HMS Midway Aircraft Carrier. As I am not the most knowledgeable person on this ship here is an extract about the history of it, “For 47 years the USS Midway served in military and rescue operations around the globe, and was one of the main aircraft carriers during the Vietnam War. Active in every war from World War II to Desert Storm, jets could be deployed two at a time from the hangar to the flight deck in ten seconds.” From a tourist point of view, I loved how you got to interact with the ship via walking through the mess hall, talking to people that actually served on the ship while it was active. I also got a audio tour so that I could listen to stories, I felt like I was being teleported back in time.

Overall what really appealed to me about San Diego was how friendly everyone was, we always ended up having little chit chats with people everyday. I can understand why people like to live here, I would live there! Also I love Mexican food and since San Diego is so close to the border, I definitely ate the best tasting Mexican food in all of America.

To stuffing your face with burritos,


This post was in collaboration with Go San Diego. All pictures and opinions are mine.


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