My Killer First Job


It is hard to believe at times that I have been working already for 12 years! Yup, you read that right. What an amazing ride it has been, the jobs and the life experience that I have already made has been so enjoyable. I know not everything has been amazing all the time, there has been hard times like disputes with work colleagues or not being valued by your boss; but I digress. Let goes back in time, back to when I was a 15 year old fresh faced high school-er looking to make my first buck.

“I have got you a job” was the words that came out of my fathers mouth. Just 2 weeks after I had turned 15 my father had organised an interview with a popular cafe not far from home. “What?!” I felt like it was so unfair that I had to go to work, so soon after my birthday as well.

I meet with the general manager from the coffee shop a few days later and we discussed the hours that I would work and how much I would be paid, which to my surprise was well above the minimum wage. Many of my friends who already had jobs were being paid minimum wage, which meant they had to work 3 days after school for 3 hours at a time to meet what I would in one whole day. My opinion started to change, “maybe only working one day a week might not be so bad”. I was more worried about my time that what I could earn, many can relate that when you are a teenager spending time with your friends is more important.

A week after the discussions it was my first day on the job, with my new printed t-shirt with the company’s logo on it I walked into my first job. The day was over so quickly it had hardly felt like it had begun, I learn’t how to work a till, distribute coffee beans and pack up the shop for the day. My work colleagues were really welcoming and very focused, their work ethic was inspirational; also they both made a wicked cup of coffee. Over the next few weeks my somber view on having to work turned into an enjoyment, every Saturday I would work with amazing people learning the art of making the perfect cup of coffee. I had never meet people so passionate about what they do, after a awhile it began to rub off on me.

What I took away from working for this company was that you can enjoy working, people are passionate about what they do and work hard to achieve their goals within the company. I feel really lucky to have had a chance to fall straight into a job I enjoyed, its sad hearing that others were not so lucky in their first jobs but it is a hit and miss to try and find “that amazing” job experience. If you are searching for an experience similar to what I had, then head on over to The Ladders Job Search section, they provide comprehensive information on what career opportunities are available in the US; so maybe you just might find your own killer job!

Have you had an amazing first job or even just a general job experience? I would love to hear about it, so leave a comment below!

To work life experiences,


 This post was in collaboration with The Ladders team, who are dedicated to helping you find that killer job!

Image via Seemi Samuel


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