Stop Wasting Job Hunters Time!


It’s time, after the same crap over and over again. It’s time to share with you the truth about the recruitment process in England, when I read this article by Alex Hazlehurst I instantly sympathised with her story. What I want to share with you is the recruitment process that I believe is crippling the prospect of my fellow kiwis and other international buddies looking for work in the UK.

Employers who are looking for candidates are the contributing factor as to why you might miss out on working for them. So let me give you a little background history about myself, I have a degree in business and have been working as an administrator for over 5 years. I have a 5 year Ancestry visa, on paper I am an appealing candidate, friendly, motivated and a person who has references to prove my worth.

When I landed in London I delved into the job hunting process, signed up to some reputable agency and within a week I had already been to 2 interviews. I felt like this was already a positive step, I would have a job in no time, but boy I was wrong. 4 months down the track and I still have yet to secure a permanent job, yes there was a great contract job for a month but that was only for holiday cover and there were no vacancies that suited me. I have meet with lovely recruiters who have sent me to countless job interviews, to my surprise the recruiters were sending me to jobs that were interesting and within my pay expectations.

The feedback I would get back from potential employers was “she is really lovely” or “she has fantastic communication skills”, but then what really got me was…. nothing, a week would go by and I would ring my recruiter and ask “have you heard anything?” and the answer I would get is “they are still interviewing other candidates” or “they have had to delay interviewing others because of (insert excuse)”.

At first I was understanding, I had been on the recruiting end and there are certain scenarios that do happen, however it was becoming a regular occurrence. Out of 5 interviews I would go to only 1 would get back to me within a week if I was through to the next stage or not. What I do know from experience is that most of the time when companies are recruiting they want someone relatively quickly. But then again I got it wrong, what I have discovered in England is that no one is in a hurry and I mean no one.

For me the average time it takes for a company to make a decision (whether they want to proceed to the next interview) is about 3-4 weeks, now that is pretty slow. When you think about it you have already gone for the initial interview, in which the company should have seen at least 4 people in that week; It makes you think well they must have liked at least 50% of them? They probably did but that is not the issue, the issue is the length of time it takes between the first interview and the second interview.

I can guarantee that one of the reasons I didn’t make the cut for some second interviews is that they couldn’t remember how I interviewed the first time. I believe the length of time does matter when you are interviewing, companies need to set aside time slots so that they can meet potential candidates, then a minimum of a week later get the next the people they want in for a second round to eliminate any doubts. How difficult would that be? Sadly it just seem too difficult for companies to do this, why can’t they allocate someone to do the task and get the great candidates through the door? Are they searching for candidates too early? What companies need to realise is that candidates are looking to work for as soon as you want them, why waste time pushing interviews further back? I feel like companies have missed out on amazing people because of how slowly they handle things. 

So employers take a moment to realise the possibilities you have and how you can acquire an amazing employee, if you need an employee quite quickly put it out there and conduct the interviews. If you are thinking about it, sit on it, maybe talk with you recruiter and ask about the caliber of people they have. Most of all make the time for these interviews, the people you might need could just be one application away and to my fellow job hunters, keep smiling and keep applying the right employer will snap you up! as for me I am following my own advice, I feel that I am finally getting closer to securing the job that I really want.

To future employment,


Image from Anna Dziubinska


One thought on “Stop Wasting Job Hunters Time!

  1. Sad to see that Zoe but is often the way of it over here now – the UK market is very strange nowadays, for the most part I’d say that if you haven’t heard within 3 working days at the very most (and thats being generous to the employer) then I would suggest it’s not gonna happen with that interview.

    Tom G

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