The Walk in Wardrobe


I heard some epic tails from people about mass clothing swaps, people would be grabbing everything in sight, there would be pushing and shoving just to get items that are considered designer. There is no careful selection, no trying on the pieces to see if you fit or suit you, when I heard about this I was quite hesitant to try going to a professional clothing swap or in this case a Walk in Wardrobe.

But luckily when I went to the popular Walk in Wardrobe event it was nothing like that stories I heard, the complete opposite really. You could browse through the clothing racks at a leisurely pace, try on the items you are thinking about taking just that tick of the boxes of fit, look and colour. I am so glad to have gone, I was also pleasantly surprised there was refreshments such as Cava, Tea and Scones (YUM!).


The event was held in a room at the back of the Bakersville Tea shop, the racks were broken down in colours based around the seasons spring, winter, autumn and summer. Daisy the leading lady of this event (Founder of Wardrobe Workshop), welcomes you with her beautiful smile and explains the differences in the rack.

What really impressed me was that there were plenty of people bringing clothes and other who didn’t have anything (it is not compulsory to bring anything), the clothing items brought are broken down into seasonal clothes and put on the rack. There is also quality checks on the items brought in so no one takes away clothing that are torn or stained. The atmosphere is really chilled out, everyone was chatting among themselves, making recommendations as to each other if something suited or not. You could tell there were a couple of people who had just been to straight clothing swaps, because at the beginning you could see them take as much as possible. After awhile they start to relax and you see them start to put clothing back and use the changing room to try on the items they have selected and ask others their opinion.


This for me should be the essence of what a clothing swap is, being among friendly people picking out clothing that suits you and is what you need. Near the end of the event (which I would like to add was only a 2 hour slot) Daisy gave a small talk about a certain topic based on personal style, this day she talked about a capsule wardrobe. Your wardrobe should suit you perfectly in the sense that you could close your eyes and no matter what item you pick and put together they will all match! (oh what a fantasy).

From going to this event it got me thinking, how easy would it make your life be if every morning before work you could pick any item out of your closet and not only would it suit you, but it would make you look effortlessly put together! Colours and shapes suiting/fitting you like they are suppose to, corporate clothing would not feel so boring and best of all it would make getting ready in the mornings so much easier.

If this sounds like your cup of tea (or Cava) pop on over to Eventbrite and see when the next event is on, Daisy is a dear friend of mine and you would love her just as much as I do. She also offers personal style consultations in which she helps you find your colour palette and discusses/helps you design the wardrobe of your dreams (idyllic angels singing in the background).

Sadly Waywards, this is a London event only. Daisy will be looking a having more events outside London in the future and for my international friends tell me if you know of anything similiar and I would happily add this to the post.

To creating the wardrobe of your dreams,


Image credit: Georgina Canterini


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