Surrounded by delicious food? No problem!


“Food, it’s everywhere and it’s so delicious!”

Haven’t we heard this before? My recent job has me working for a fine food distributor, so that means most days I am surrounded by very tempting food. Glorious mouth-watering food that is what! As an office worker I am always trying to find ways to not become addict to eating in my environment (i.e. eating while I am at my desk), especially since 3/4 of my time is spent sedentary. I have yet mastered it fully, because really people we all have our weaknesses! It’s not easy trying to sit there and ignore the tasty treats tempting you from across the room, but hey I am not perfect and that is alright in my book, I do practice on myself restraint because a) I don’t want to be fighting unnecessary kilos and b) its a great technique to have that can transferred into other areas of your life.

I thought I would share with you some of my mental exercises that help still enjoy the food around me, but with more control and appreciation, like Nigella Lawson said “I hate the implication that food is somehow dirty or to be ashamed of”. 


My techniques:

  • Literally voicing to yourself why you do not need to eat this, I also incorporate telling myself that I can eat this whenever I want; It is the truth! We can eat whatever we want any time, there should be celebration when we eat delicious and decadent food…
  • Remember water is your friend, when you think you might be hungry you might actually be thirty. This has saved me so many time, seriously it can be surprising how dehydrated we can get.
  • Go for a walk to another department, save up some paperwork that needs to be delivered somewhere else (only if it is not too important I might add). It gives you enough time to really trust your body’s feelings as whether it is hunger or actually impulse.
  • Share the free food: someone offers you something cannot resist, well you can take and split it with you colleague. This not only helps with your friendship it also helps cut you consumption!


I would love to hear your opinions about my techniques, do you do something similar? or is there a great method that you have created, I would love to hear from you!



Image Credit – Wildfox Couture


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