Own that 9-5!


A lot of us dream of becoming our own boss, but until that becomes a reality we all end up doing a 9 to 5 of sorts, so why not own that job until you break away like a beautiful hummingbird in flight. We work for well over half our lifetime, so why should we put ourselves in a job that we don’t like? Needing a job to live is understandable, however you can keep trying till you find that job is worth having a 9-5 for!

Fast forward to being in the job you wanted, how should you make the most of it?

Establishing an amazing morning routine is great way to get the most out of your 9 to 5, but what makes a great routine? Well sleep is always the first essential ingredient. For me 7-8 hours a night definitely gives me the spring in my step, to work out how many hours of sleep that will benefit you, try for one week 7 hours of sleep, then the next week 8 and so on. You should judge the result by assessing how you feel each morning, are you really groggy to for the first 10 minutes or are you tired the while way until you get to work?

Next is your breakfast routine, our bodies need to be refuelled so that we can run at optimal levels for the day. If you are not a big eater in the morning, invest in a blender and make breakfast smoothies. You can slowly drink them throughout the morning, the more fruit and nuts the better! Now if you are anything like me you like a hearty breakfast to set your day right, I added 10 extra minutes to my morning routine so that I can have 2 eggs on toast; this lasts me till late morning and I eat breakfast at 6am! Starting your morning off right makes going to work less of a hassle.

So you sorted your morning routine but that is just the first part. To love your 9 to 5 you need to have a consistent system that can adapt to your way of life.  When I arrive at work I sit down and sort out what I need to achieve today, I used my outlook calendar and notebook to write down my goals. I also have reminder in my calendar that pop up when I need to do a daily task. Using planners, notebooks and electronic calendars help me stay on top of my goals and tasks that I have at work. Knowing that I have these systems helps me be relaxed in the workplace, I feel a clear direction is needed to be good at what you are doing. It is different for other industries and it not always that straight forward, but I do recommend a form of note taking that works for you.


Making friends with work colleagues is another method to help you enjoy your 9 to 5, they can be the people you go have a drink with after work or just simply the people you can have a small chit chat with throughout the day. An upbeat environment creates positives attitudes which I fully believe is a contributing factor to productivity. Colleague friendships are a benefit work wise, when you are struggling with a task or project they will be there to help you and make the process less stressful. I mean who doesn’t want that?!

Next thing to consider is your method of transport to work, do you take public transport? or do you drive/ride to work daily? It doesn’t matter which one it is you should always make your transport an enjoyable experience. For example I have a two playlists for work, one for the journey there and one for the journey back. My morning one is all upbeat tracks design to get me in the energetic mood, plus it also helps keep my optimism and for the journey home I have mellow beats to help me unwind, so when I get home I am fully relaxed and ready to enjoy my evening.

Music its a wonderful way to help enjoy your day, it is very common in workplaces to have music on in the background. If you are not a fan of listening to music in the morning, trying reading if you take public transport or for the drivers/rider talk out about what you want to achieve today. It is a very productive way to start your morning, plus you can feel more settled as you have set tasks for yourself to achieve.

This is only the tip of the ice berg of ways you can improve your 9 – 5! Head over to my twitter or facebook page I would love to hear about you do to make your 9-5 special.

To owning your 9 – 5.


Image Credit: Wildfox Couture & Kate Spade

One thought on “Own that 9-5!

  1. I loved this post! As you know, I’m in my first proper day job and I really agree with you – I need a lot of sleep, and I like having a professional but friendly relationship with colleagues because it makes the day a lot nicer, but equally I know when I need to focus. Thanks for sharing! XX

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