The Final Countdown – The Best of 2015

Hello Waywards,

The time has come for our yearly reflection together. How has it been for you in 2015? Have you achieved any goals that you had set for yourself? Did you discover something new about you?

For me this has been the most adventurous year, I have done a world trip, moved to a new country and made new friends along the way. This year was so jam packed for me, looking back I am surprised I have achieved it all.

2016 is going to be a year of cementing, I want to bring more focus to what I have achieved and how I can improve in certain areas. Being more consistent with my post is high on the list, along with creating a fabulous routine for myself! What do you want to cement into your life this coming year? Are you going to work on a personal project or are you going to strive more in the workplace?

I would love to hear your goals and aspirations for 2016, please leave a comment below or pop over to my twitter or facebook.

Here are my top posts of 2015:

To making your completing your goals,




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