Stand Off – Backpack versus Handbag

How many of you travel to work carrying a multiple amount of bags…one handbag, one canvas tote bag and if you are like me a lunch bag that keeps your lunch cool. Living in a city like London it is kind of ridiculous trying to drive into work. I observe plenty of people on my way to work who literally look like bag ladies! I mean seriously?! not only do you look disorganised but you definitely don’t look fabulous carrying your multitude of bags, hitting everyone and everything in sight. Now don’t get me wrong there are some amazing handbags out there, in all different shapes and sizes; though I think that for a work environment, a small bag is going to be out of place and terribly inefficient. So before you start arguing how ridiculous I am, hear me out. Your work bag needs to be able to contain your, lunch, make up and work necessities like paperwork and stationary (if you are in and out of meetings). Therefore I decided I would compile a little compendium of work bags that will work in most offices.

  •  The medium bag – now you can get away with a medium sized handbag if, a) you can keep utensils and crockery at work, so you only have to bring the lunch itself or b) you don’t have to take you work home with you. A good handbag should be easy to carry, and definitely should include a should strap when you need to rush for the train or bus. A structured designed never goes a miss, but if you want something that expresses your personality don’t shy away from patterns or colour. Just keep the sequins and ruffles to a minimum, this is work you know…not some day outing with your friends or a date night with a hottie.


  • The shopper bag – girl, you mean serious business with a shopper bag. This bag with carry everything you need for work and that is no exaggeration! Also know as a tote bag, this puppy will get your from A to B, along with bashing a few peoples backs or heads because it pretty much needs its own chair. Try your best not to go to oversized, as you will end up being that annoying person on the daily commute who just gets their bag in the way… otherwise it is great to carry a small change of clothes if you are heading out after work or even heading to the gym.

Asos Laser Cut Shopper Bag

  • The Backpack – I don’t want to hear that you can’t find a “cute” or “sophisticated” backpack, because honey you are lying through your teeth! Not only does backpacks give you better support on your shoulder, you can carry much more and not feel in pain. How amazing is that?! you can put your lunch, laptop and any extra bits; like a small makeup bag or your gym clothes. Another benefits is you will not be that annoying person bumping into everyone on the train or bus because you are are so overloaded and can’t keep your balance. Below I have given you two examples, one of a “cute” backpack and one of a “sophisticated” backpack. This is to show the variety that is out there!

Herschel Supply Co City Backpack

Black tassel drop backpack

So the winner for me is the backpack! I am all for it, they are more versatile and you can carry a lot more. Handbags of course have their place, if you drive to work then of course you could get away with a nice medium to large back. But for public transport, give me a backpack darling!

Much love,


P.S. head on over to my PINTEREST and see other alternatives which are amazing for work.


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