Easter Weekend in Bath, England


Over the Easter Weekend my boyfriend and I treated ourselves to 3 days in Bath, England. It was pre planned which I love to do because I am a big bargain hunter! Also a note to anyone who do long weekend trips, if there a public holidays included in the long weekend then you are going to be paying inflated prices. The weather was meant to be horrible, but hell its Spring! best thing you can do is just dress for the season…but funny enough we go lucky, raining in the evening and sunshine in the day.

Now enough about the weather. Bath is located an hour and a half (via train) west of London, we took a train from Paddington station; the return ticket I believe was £50 each. It was our intention to go on the motorbike, but severe wind warnings made us take public transport instead. I was surprised at how quick it took for us to get there, looking on the map you think it would be at least over 2 hours. Everything went smoothly getting to Paddington, took the district line there, picked up our tickets and BAM we board the train and off to Bath we went!

We what can I say, I loved visiting Bath! The Bath Abbey was spectacular, I cannot believe this is the 3rd version of the abbey. We took a walking tour of the city, which is a free service provided by the Mayor Bath. What is fantastic about this tour is not only do you learning about the general history of Bath, you learn about architecture, important events and also about the people who used to live there; like one gentleman who donated his weather to America in the name of science! In which you find out that is how the smithsonian was created…and it all start in Bath?! (my mind was blown on that fact).

The tour last around 2 1/2 hours, by then I was starving! The selection of restaurants in Bath was good, you can get 2 course meals for £14.50; we opted for this the first night and it was a pleasant meal (nothing rave about really). The other nights we had a pub meal, which you can never go wrong with and the last night we visited a Mexican rotisserie place; our focus in Bath wasn’t really on the food.


So on the last day we decided to do the Roman Baths, this was a really popular attraction so we went first thing and even then there were still swarms of people; but a bit more manageable I guess. The Roman Baths are hot springs, the first baths were original discovered by the British king Bladud who built the first Moorish baths, later when the Roman’s invaded the redesigned the baths to host Temples and a selection of hot and cold baths.


Price wise the baths only cost £15, I thought I would literally be seeing ruins and some general information about the site; however I was pleasantly surprised. You got audio tours, a complete museum with the breakdown of the history of the temples and bath itself, plus there were some snazzy artefacts to look at. Overall I would recommend that the Roman Baths should be a must do on your visit to Bath.

It was a fun weekend, taking a step back in time and seeing some stunning sites. I definitely want to go back as there was the Jane Austen museum and a few other shops that I wanted to wander into.

To the waters at Bath,



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