Wayward Ramble


Ok, I’ll admit it; I’ve been lazy. For months I’ve been saying I wanted to add a column to the website that recapped each month, but I’ve been reluctant to dive in. My goal is to have a dedicated section to the site that details some of my more personal opinions, recommendations and random things that pop into my head. I’m desperate to interact with all my wonderful wayward peeps a little more, so here’s my first attempt at it. I’m going to issue a warning that it might feel more like a giant ramble at times, but stick with me!

New Years Resolutions & The Battle against Stress eating

I’ll kick things off with a New Year’s resolution that my colleagues and I have been doggedly trying to stick with over the past five months. We didn’t co-ordinate this particular resolution whatsoever, but as it happens we’ve all coincidentally decided to kick our butts into shape with a major diet. Ok, not major, but we’re on a mission to cut the junk food. Big time. Ok, not big time but… you get the picture. Anyway, given that we all came to a conclusion that a dietary cleanse was in order, we’ve formed a pact to keep each other in check.

So far, it’s actually been really fun as we’ve given each other free reign to yell abuse at whoever is guilty of breaking our little pact. It’s made for some pretty hilarious moments around the office but most importantly it’s actually brought us all closer together. We’ve actually formed a really tight bond since agreeing to take on the challenge. It’s been amazing and our comradery has definitely helped to reduce stress levels at work.

Good cop bad cop: The tale of two bosses

I’ve been juggling a tricky situation at work for some time now in regards to my two superiors and this month I finally decided to do something about it. I have two bosses at work I am supposed to report to. The problem is, they are both polar opposite personalities and I really struggle to adjust to differences in their management style, especially when they aren’t in a good mood. They are quite literally the quintessential good cop bad cop routine.

For the most part, I get along with both, but one boss in particular I find so much easier to work with. In fact, she’s really great; leading by example, issuing praise and support when I need it, and when things go wrong she’s firm but fair. That’s the sort of boss I can work with! Boss number 2 isn’t quite as easy going. Actually, that’s an understatement, most of the time she’s as grumpy as the head mistress from Matilda. If she ever bothers to praise me in between her snide remarks, it’s in the form of a backhanded compliment. She even criticised me for taking leave when I’d cleared it through all the right channels months before. That one took the biscuit, especially since I her comment didn’t quite sink in until after she’d left the room. You know those frustrating moments when somebody says something rude, but you didn’t quite process until their too far gone to respond? Yeah, she got me very riled up that time!

Anyway, last month I was informed by my boss number one that I will only be reporting to her from now on. It’s even getting changed on my job description. Good for me, right? Yep, Hallelujah!


Reflecting on the year so far, I’m really thankful for the friends I’ve made along the way, and I’m super proud in the way I’ve put myself out there to meet new people. Seriously, I’ve been inspired and motivated by so many of my friends recently, and even just catching up with them over coffee or attending parties has got me through some sensitive times. I cannot wait to see what this year brings for me and my already awesome friends!

2016 has been a rollercoaster of up and downs so far, but overall I’m pleased with the way things have worked out. Sure, works been a drag at times but my new healthy eating plan has been going well and my social life couldn’t be better. I’m definitely feeling positive, and now that my situation at work has mellowed a little since the boss predicament has sorted itself out its onward and upward for Wayward Professional.

Writers block is a pain, and I’ve been disappointed that I haven’t been able to write more content but honestly I don’t want to write garbage.

I’m thinking of you guys here! Here’s to getting my mojo back.xx



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