Wayward Ramble: June 2016


Look at me now! Another ramble is upon us and there has been plenty of stuff happening. It has been a great month for me in regards to my personal life, on the work front it has been a little more sedentary but otherwise pleasant; however my consumption of media has increased dramatically. Plus raise your hands for me as I managed to get out a post nearly every week #winning.

Getting Greece-d

Right first things first, my birthday! I was really lucky and that my boyfriend’s family took me away to Greece. We stayed two nights in Corfu and the rest of the time we were on an island called Paxos (roughly a two hour boat ride) of the coast of Corfu. All of us stayed in a villa on the island, which was about a 10 minute walk from the town centre. I really loved the island, especially since there were CATS everywhere!! Plus managed not to burn myself in the process, so I looked beautifully tanned when I went back to work. #winning

Evolution at its finest

Since my last ramble, I spoke about finding inspiration to write. Looking at my drafts, I have close to 10 incomplete posts! It is crazy that I have started all these ideas and none of them are finished. What can I do? Push myself? No, I cannot do that. It would be unnatural to create post that are full of fluff and no substance. You will definitely agree with me that there have been times when you have click on a post, because of the snappy title only to find that it is a rushed article that is an uninspiring listicle. However as of late and a few discussions with my peers, I think the reason for my writers block is my niche. Currently the internet is flooded with Fashion, Beauty and Blogging sites…I am not saying they are not great, but the market is so saturated that I stick to reading a few bloggers and that’s it.

However I digress, this blog start out as a personal diary and then evolved into a business blog; but now that I have written the meaty articles I wanted to, I feel like any business post I write is semi regurgitated. So what to do? I am now accepting and admitting that my blog needs to evolve into something new, but into what you say? The hardest thing for anyone in their life is to define oneself, and after much deliberation I have decided that I am evolving the wayward professional into a lifestyle blog. Now before you launch into how I just literally said the market is saturated with fashion and beauty, I would like to point out that the lifestyle sector is not just fashion and beauty; but more a variety of many outlooks. I want to be bring more elements of travel and health, which will also align with a business lifestyle, I want this website to be fun and informative, along with a bit of crazy (because really who wants to be normal?).

What do you think? I would love to hear your thought on my ramble about last month, remember you can always comment on my follow links which you can find below.



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