Make the most of your Headphones


There is always that one person; the person who sits at their desk with their headphones in for most of the day. Initially you think it is really rude, that they don’t want to socialise; but then as you settle into your role and you realise they are bang on the money. Constant interruptions are common in the workplace, we all know that! So what can we do to minimise unnecessary interruptions?

My lovely friend Sara wrote a piece on colleague interruptions a while back, but I thought I would delve a little further into the reasons as to why headphones might help. 

Open plan offices came into popularity in the 1950’s, the style was long large tables or rows of desks were typists, clerks or technicians did sedentary tasks. During the 80’s and 90’s companies start experimenting with the layout of open plan offices; incorporating  plants, accessories and seating arrangement. However every individual is different, not everyone functions efficiently in an open plan environment there are always trade offs from the design (good and bad).

So what can you do to make this environment work for you? It does seem too simple that headphones would be recommended, and this method is tried and true. Headphones are a subtle indicator to anyone that you DO NOT want to be disturbed, they also provide you with a pleasant background noise or if you want they can be great earmuffs if you want to work in silence. But how can we take this further?

Get bright: find headphones that standout, colourful or large or both. People can be really oblivious that you have headphone in, so don’t hide your fabulous accessory show it off. #Loud&Proud

Keep the volume sensible: don’t lose you hearing because you want to drown everyone out, invest in noise cancelling headphone; you can get them in earphone format as well. So be smart and get a great pair! don’t go deaf because you have your volume level at scream high…

Make an epic playlist/s: science has linked productivity and less stress, if you use Spotify there are some amazing playlists that people have made to help stay motivated at work.

I hope my little tips help, sometimes we can over look the obvious or dear I say it not think outside of the box!

To podcasts and playlists,


Credit Image: Sai Kiran Anagani




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