A small little island called Paxos


In June I took a little vacation with my boyfriend’s family to Paxos (Paxi) a little island of the coast of Corfu, Greece. I confess I did not really know anything about the island, or let alone where it was geography…but nevertheless I packed my back Friday night and was on the plane Saturday afternoon.

It was a 4 hour plane ride, which I confess I was quite surprised by; for some reason I got it in my head that Greece was only a couple of hours away #needtogetagrip

We landed in Corfu quite late in the evening, and proceed to take taxis to our hotel; all I could tell about Corfu was that it looked really pretty at night. We ended up staying in the old town rather than the new one, I was told that there is a lot more history and quite accents that shows Corfu’s true personality.


Corfu Township

The old town of Corfu is a UNESCO World Heritage site, “The three forts of the town, designed by renowned Venetian engineers, were used for four centuries to defend the maritime trading interests of the Republic of Venice against the Ottoman Empire. In the course of time, the forts were repaired and partly rebuilt several times, more recently under British rule in the 19th century.” 

I really loved the mixture of the architecture, there was a feeling of old meets new with a Mediterranean feel. The small side streets filled with stall, and the waiters trying to get you to dine at their restaurants, all added to the charm of the old town. What made the town for me was the food! Moussaka, Tzatziki and Village Sausage, were part of my daily meals. I do confess though the service in Greece was below par, we had one sever take our order (a full order of food and drinks), only for her manager to come back and say “Sorry, we don’t do coffee at the moment”…also some restaurants took over and hour just to get our food; each time we ask where it was, we got told that it was “being made fresh”. But really in the end the food was so good I got over the wait pretty quickly!

 20160620_230452~2Paxos Town and Cats

After an hour and a half ferry ride, we landed in Paxos! Our accommodation was just around the corner which was brilliant, it was just a quick stroll up to up lovely villa. The views were spectacular, and it had a pool!

The population of Paxos is roughly 2,500…very tiny in the scheme of things, I have to confess it did take me a while realise how small the island was. However that wasn’t a concern for me, the few people the better! The best thing I discovered on the island was that there was a lot of Cats, and I mean a LOT OF CATS…All different shapes and sizes, some quite fat an others very skinny, they sat and watched while you ate. The funny things is that people were allowed to feed them (to an extent of course), there was one point where I had about 10 cats sitting patiently around waiting for scraps; I know a sight like that could be overwhelming for some, but it was pure magic for me!

On the island there were a range of activities you could do, we took a boat out to Anti Paxos, an island about 10-15mins ride from the main island.  The beaches we went to were pebble, which wasn’t the greatest especially when you had to hop, skip and basically jump to the ocean. However the water was crystal clear, not too cold, plus it didn’t get too deep too quickly (which I think is essential for a good floating session).


It was breath taking, clear blue water and such a lovely temperature that you could lie in it all day. The lounge chairs were for hire, but for 5 euros it really doesn’t matter as you have it all day!

My week really consisted of lying by the pool, going into the township and having amazing stuffed peppers and tzatziki; the shops I confess weren’t anything special. The clothing stores imported a lot of there stock from Italy, which kind of surprised me; what you really need to go for is the food stores.

Overall I had a wonderful time in Corfu and Paxos, I would recommend going there for a cheap holiday. Food is not expensive and you can get some really nice accommodation at a good price, what you really need cash for is the activities like hiring a boat and doing a tour; but that is really to be expected.

To summer holidays on small islands,



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