Wayward Ramble: September 2016


I have decided that September is a great month, for me it is leaving an toxic company and moving into a new vibrant one. Working out where to take my bestie to while they are in London, and also helping my friend work on their website to make it user friendly! Now can you see why September is becoming a favourite month?!

So let me get into my ramble: since June I have, visited two castles, moved into a new place that has an amazing view! and got a new job after countless interviews!?! Not to mention I went on a fabulous holiday to Paxos in Greece…What a way to say goodbye to summer!

Castle Addiction:

I luckily have kept my enthusiasm at a respectable level, it has always been a passion of mine (to visit as many castles as possible), I think I put it down to reading too many period novels and watching a large variety of period dramas. I am fortunate to have a partner in crime who has the same enthusiasm as me, or is at least happy to go visit castles with me. So being in England there is no excuse not to see a castle every once in a while, I am even contemplating signing up to National Trust so that I can get a discount when I visited #winning

Finally A New Job:

Wait for it…BAM! I have a new job!!! Office dance party can now commence. I confess it has been a long time coming, I spoke about my ordeals back in my first ramble with two bosses and there different style of managing. Things further digressed throughout the year, I ended up having another new boss due to a colleague getting promoted and also not getting a chance to be interviewed for a potential position within the company (which I happened to find out was illegal). It really pushed me over the edge mentally, I didn’t want to stay at a company that didn’t offer me fair opportunities.

So off job hunting I went and by chance (are 3 months of hard looking) I got an offer with a company I think will really float my boat. It is a not for profit and it is in an administration position, £5k pay rise and 1 week extra worth of holiday. A smaller company and after my first day everyone seem super nice!

I know it can be cliche but it is true, all good things come to though’s who wait. Yes, I had to wait 3 months but it was bloody worth it; remember that next time when you make a rash decision.

Oh the magic of finally getting something that your truly want…


Image Credit: Chris Ensey


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