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Happy July Everyone!

I am so excited this month because there are few things happening, 1) I finally got to go on my trip to Cairns! I was going to write a blog post about my experience but I was having too much of a good time; so there will be a review to follow I promise! 2) I have been doing Gala Darling’s Radical Self Love July Instagram Challenge, this is so much fun and I love seeing peoples creative ways 🙂 3) my friend Sara at BusinessBF is finally going to be in Auckland (YAY) so now we can hangout a bit more soooooo excited….can’t you tell?

So for your viewing pleasure and convenience I have linked together some of my Instagram post of #RadicalSelfLoveJuly

Day 1) Silly Selfie

Day 2) Your Idol

Day 3) Positive Graffiti

Day 4) Your reflection

If you want to get on bored just click here and you can join in! It doesn’t matter if you start late, this is so much fun and I really recommend it for anyone 🙂 Do follow me on Twitter or Instagram for my challenge posts!!

Much Love and Magic




Those items you cannot live without (desk edition)

When we are at work there are certain staple items we reach for that make our work much easier, so for today I have complied my top 5 items commonly reached for at work.


Pens – I am addicted to ink pens, I enjoy the colours and consistency they give, plus I always get comments on how nice my pens are! Great conversation starter if you are new to the job…


Sticky Notes– whoever created these was a genius! The colours and sizing appeal to the organisation freak inside of me. Whether you use them to take down phone messages or as reminder you put on documents these are super handy!


Folders– I like the clear plastic sleeve ones that you can get in different colours, they are great organisation tools and them being slightly see through helps you remember quickly what is inside each folder.


Stapler– if you don’t staple important documents together you are bound to lose them…period.


Hole Puncher– how are you suppose to file things away without hole punching?!

I know some of you will agree with me on these points, but if you have any other items you think are just as important hit me up on twitter or leave a comment below. I always love to hear back from you 🙂

Much Love and Magic


Redesigning my life

I am moving on January 12th to a new flat, if any of you have taken note in my blog is that I have already moved in 2012 and now I move in 2013. I do not know what it is but I fully believe that I am cursed when it comes to staying settled in one place. But now it is going to change! I am fully confident that this new place I am moving into will be solid for more than a year, or at least until I get over to England *laughs*
It has almost reached to a point that it is tiring to keep moving so much, this year alone I have moved twice. One due to a friendship gone wrong and both of us were on the lease, second that my next head tenants wanted to leave as they had lived in the flat for about 3 years. Not having the best of luck. What do you do when every place you end up, it is only a matter of time (short time) that you have to move again? One thing is I definitely refuse to live with my parents, as much as I love them, we function more harmoniously when I do not live permanently with them.
When this move happens I will be one step closer to graduating, and one of my new years revolutions is to be more organised with myself. Now in the past and I know people can agree with me, is that when you set goals it is pretty rare that all can be achieved. However this one goal in particular I want to achieve, because I know this goal will filter down into other goals. The goal is to keep my room organised, not a large goal I have to say, but my room reflects to a point my life; which is CHAOS. My degree is Business majoring in Management, which when I think about it makes me laugh! I can organise and delegate everyone around to produce a successful outcome, but when it comes to my life, zilch  nada, not even close to sorting out my room. Which I would like to point out is my life in there. 
So in a nutshell I will blog about sorting, purchasing and organising my shift. It will include sorting out items that you know you shouldn’t really need and the trick of shifting from a large room to a smaller one. Believe me where I am moving to is a lot smaller!
Also for any of you that are in the same situation like me I found this cool website with tips and ideas to help with the big day!
Happy New Year everyone and have a Merry Christmas

Working & Studying

It has been just a little over 2 weeks that I have now been in my work placement, I am pretty impressed that I have managed to go 2 full weeks of working full time! What makes it even more crazy is that I am looking at my surrounding environment and for the first time my studies have started to sink in. This revelation has definitely given me a more positive look into the relevance of the importance of study for the workplace. 
I noticed the first few days at the job, that I was trying to connect what I had studied with the tasks that were required of me. What I came to realise pretty quickly was that as much as theory is there to provide guidelines, you need to see the process of how it is down within the organisation first.  My organisation I work for have got some great processes, for a small business it is very effective in retaining vital documents. However the restructure has thrown all these documents into an array and it is my task to sort out the chaos, which I have come to realise that I really really like.
What I have found is this article it was really interesting to read, yes it is common sense; but what I have discovered is that while I may think it is common sense, may not be to someone else. I also have come up with another way to improve my blogging to make it more fun and I hope that you our there in the internet world that happen to stumble across it will enjoy it too!
Peace Out

Finding the ending

Picture from Shirley

Well the deadline is close, I am almost at the end of my degree! I cannot believe how quickly it has come round, I however can relate to feeling at times when there was no light at the end of the tunnel; but now I can see it and it is getting brighter!

Seeing the light has brought somethings to mind, such as my future project the wayward professional; to be honest I am quite excited that I will get to do some personal research the interests me and maybe it could help others who have similar concerns. It is like being a baby and learning to crawl before I can walk, how will I go about the research? will I have enough time? will I get bored and forget about it? Well then I will have to treat it as an assignment and put deadlines on my goals to get things done!

I do know one this and that is I want to make my website relevant and successful and my favourite blogger Gala Darling has definitely got me motivated, let’s hope that the motivation hangs around after I finish my exams and assignments….

One thing I do know is that this idea I have not been able to shake, the idea of creating a blog about the first 5 years of work life after you finish university; the transition from years of studying to using the skills you have obtained to make a successful career for yourself.

Well we will just have to wait and see won’t we


The trip away from home

Wellington City, New Zealand

We all have these kinds of trips, I believe the saying is a home away from home; I know that is really meaning more along the lines of another country more than another city within you’re country but hey, here in New Zealand it cost at least a grand to go to a country that is not in the Pacific Islands or Australia.

So for me, my home away from home is Wellington, a very good friend of mine lives there and I am finally getting to go visit her! However one day I am down there she is working, so being the super awesome person I am, I have looked up places to shop for the day. Wellington is well known for it’s shopping and attractions; as I have already been to the Te Papa museum a few times, I am determined to find some bargains! I will make sure to be uber cool and take photos of the places I find these bargain and maybe if I am good I will write a review.

On a side note, I like to say the one things that astounds me is how violent social sports can be! I got this injury last night from my indoor netball game; but strangely I am not angry, I just find it funny that I was that determined to win that I fully injured myself to make sure, and proudly I can point out that my team did win the game!! Injuries to intrigue me as they are the results of us pushing ourselves beyond our limits, though however I cannot complain about my finger because my team mate my have broken her ankle, now that is dedication!
Have a awesome weekend everyone,

Inspiring myself and other graduates

Well not only am I deciding to get a professional domain name, but I have also found an outlook to write about which I feel is important to me. It is almost time to finish up the degree and head into the workforce; but what struck me was “what do I do to get into the workforce?” and also has University actually given me the skill’s the is needed to cope with work culture and expectations?
Therefore my website is going to be the findings of what it is like to transition from University to Work, I want to research about the effects positive and negative that having a degree has. Along the way I know I will write about topics in the workplace that I am sure so people would agree on, but I do think that it is important to study the shift. I have heard from vast sources that people find it easy to get jobs and while other people struggle to even get an interview, is there a reason to this? are some people simply missing the basic steps into getting an interview? or do some people just have ridiculously good luck? Plus do we have to take into consideration that external effects such as the economy may restricit us in certain fields?
Many questions, lots to answer and its all really exciting; but I do have to remember that I am still studying at the moment and that comes first! Because otherwise how am I going to do quality research if I do not have a degree myself?

Food for thought