Wayward Ramble: September 2016


I have decided that September is a great month, for me it is leaving an toxic company and moving into a new vibrant one. Working out where to take my bestie to while they are in London, and also helping my friend work on their website to make it user friendly! Now can you see why September is becoming a favourite month?!

So let me get into my ramble: since June I have, visited two castles, moved into a new place that has an amazing view! and got a new job after countless interviews!?! Not to mention I went on a fabulous holiday to Paxos in Greece…What a way to say goodbye to summer!

Castle Addiction:

I luckily have kept my enthusiasm at a respectable level, it has always been a passion of mine (to visit as many castles as possible), I think I put it down to reading too many period novels and watching a large variety of period dramas. I am fortunate to have a partner in crime who has the same enthusiasm as me, or is at least happy to go visit castles with me. So being in England there is no excuse not to see a castle every once in a while, I am even contemplating signing up to National Trust so that I can get a discount when I visited #winning

Finally A New Job:

Wait for it…BAM! I have a new job!!! Office dance party can now commence. I confess it has been a long time coming, I spoke about my ordeals back in my first ramble with two bosses and there different style of managing. Things further digressed throughout the year, I ended up having another new boss due to a colleague getting promoted and also not getting a chance to be interviewed for a potential position within the company (which I happened to find out was illegal). It really pushed me over the edge mentally, I didn’t want to stay at a company that didn’t offer me fair opportunities.

So off job hunting I went and by chance (are 3 months of hard looking) I got an offer with a company I think will really float my boat. It is a not for profit and it is in an administration position, £5k pay rise and 1 week extra worth of holiday. A smaller company and after my first day everyone seem super nice!

I know it can be cliche but it is true, all good things come to though’s who wait. Yes, I had to wait 3 months but it was bloody worth it; remember that next time when you make a rash decision.

Oh the magic of finally getting something that your truly want…


Image Credit: Chris Ensey


Wayward Ramble: June 2016


Look at me now! Another ramble is upon us and there has been plenty of stuff happening. It has been a great month for me in regards to my personal life, on the work front it has been a little more sedentary but otherwise pleasant; however my consumption of media has increased dramatically. Plus raise your hands for me as I managed to get out a post nearly every week #winning.

Getting Greece-d

Right first things first, my birthday! I was really lucky and that my boyfriend’s family took me away to Greece. We stayed two nights in Corfu and the rest of the time we were on an island called Paxos (roughly a two hour boat ride) of the coast of Corfu. All of us stayed in a villa on the island, which was about a 10 minute walk from the town centre. I really loved the island, especially since there were CATS everywhere!! Plus managed not to burn myself in the process, so I looked beautifully tanned when I went back to work. #winning

Evolution at its finest

Since my last ramble, I spoke about finding inspiration to write. Looking at my drafts, I have close to 10 incomplete posts! It is crazy that I have started all these ideas and none of them are finished. What can I do? Push myself? No, I cannot do that. It would be unnatural to create post that are full of fluff and no substance. You will definitely agree with me that there have been times when you have click on a post, because of the snappy title only to find that it is a rushed article that is an uninspiring listicle. However as of late and a few discussions with my peers, I think the reason for my writers block is my niche. Currently the internet is flooded with Fashion, Beauty and Blogging sites…I am not saying they are not great, but the market is so saturated that I stick to reading a few bloggers and that’s it.

However I digress, this blog start out as a personal diary and then evolved into a business blog; but now that I have written the meaty articles I wanted to, I feel like any business post I write is semi regurgitated. So what to do? I am now accepting and admitting that my blog needs to evolve into something new, but into what you say? The hardest thing for anyone in their life is to define oneself, and after much deliberation I have decided that I am evolving the wayward professional into a lifestyle blog. Now before you launch into how I just literally said the market is saturated with fashion and beauty, I would like to point out that the lifestyle sector is not just fashion and beauty; but more a variety of many outlooks. I want to be bring more elements of travel and health, which will also align with a business lifestyle, I want this website to be fun and informative, along with a bit of crazy (because really who wants to be normal?).

What do you think? I would love to hear your thought on my ramble about last month, remember you can always comment on my follow links which you can find below.


Letters from Jane Austen Review


I am one of those people that will sign up for free courses on-line, but I never really sign up for a paid one. Why? Because I find a lot of the course hardly value for money. However when Xandra from Herione Training released the letters from jane austen email course, I impulsively clicked BUY straight away. I confess I didn’t really read into what the email course was about, I have always been a big Jane Austen fan and over the years I always read/watched any Austen I could get my hands on. I also put it down to being an avid reader of Xandra’s site, she is possibly only of the only blogger I know who’s website site is a mixture of literature and lifestyle.

My favourite book still till this day is Pride and Prejudice followed closely by Emma, I know I am not a diligent fan like other people but I always come back to Austen in times of comfort and need.

Now I digress slightly, here is a little more about these letters, they come weekly into your mailbox on a Friday. I created a folder and a filter so there would be no missing my precious gems (if you are anything like me you already have 100 unread messages in your inbox).

Xandra’s course consists of an email every Friday covering the works by Jane Austen: Northanger Abbey, Sense & Sensibility, Pride & Prejudice, Emma, Mansfield Park and Persuasion. Each letter covers a certain amount of chapters, along with Xandra’s letter to you about what her thoughts were on these chapters.

I loved the personal touch, as it felt like I was sitting right in front of her debating the characters; also at the bottom of the letter you get a section called Regency to Reality Takeaway (which I think its the best part.) The takeaway is a small summary about certain words used in the book that are outdated in today’s society, there is a brief description on how you can use them in a sentence too!

My first letter was from the book Sense and Sensibility, Xandra covers a select amount of chapters per letter. You feel like you are having a conversation with her about the characters and scenarios, she also gives you an analytical overview of what the underlying themes are.

Getting these letters were a highlight of my work week, they inspired me to get back into reading the classics; it also made me smile and realise that even way back then there were still the same relationship happening today.

I definitely would recommend anyone who loves Jane Austen or classic literature to sign up for these letters, let’s clear out the spam and put something enlightening into our weekly emails.





Wayward Ramble


Ok, I’ll admit it; I’ve been lazy. For months I’ve been saying I wanted to add a column to the website that recapped each month, but I’ve been reluctant to dive in. My goal is to have a dedicated section to the site that details some of my more personal opinions, recommendations and random things that pop into my head. I’m desperate to interact with all my wonderful wayward peeps a little more, so here’s my first attempt at it. I’m going to issue a warning that it might feel more like a giant ramble at times, but stick with me!

New Years Resolutions & The Battle against Stress eating

I’ll kick things off with a New Year’s resolution that my colleagues and I have been doggedly trying to stick with over the past five months. We didn’t co-ordinate this particular resolution whatsoever, but as it happens we’ve all coincidentally decided to kick our butts into shape with a major diet. Ok, not major, but we’re on a mission to cut the junk food. Big time. Ok, not big time but… you get the picture. Anyway, given that we all came to a conclusion that a dietary cleanse was in order, we’ve formed a pact to keep each other in check.

So far, it’s actually been really fun as we’ve given each other free reign to yell abuse at whoever is guilty of breaking our little pact. It’s made for some pretty hilarious moments around the office but most importantly it’s actually brought us all closer together. We’ve actually formed a really tight bond since agreeing to take on the challenge. It’s been amazing and our comradery has definitely helped to reduce stress levels at work.

Good cop bad cop: The tale of two bosses

I’ve been juggling a tricky situation at work for some time now in regards to my two superiors and this month I finally decided to do something about it. I have two bosses at work I am supposed to report to. The problem is, they are both polar opposite personalities and I really struggle to adjust to differences in their management style, especially when they aren’t in a good mood. They are quite literally the quintessential good cop bad cop routine.

For the most part, I get along with both, but one boss in particular I find so much easier to work with. In fact, she’s really great; leading by example, issuing praise and support when I need it, and when things go wrong she’s firm but fair. That’s the sort of boss I can work with! Boss number 2 isn’t quite as easy going. Actually, that’s an understatement, most of the time she’s as grumpy as the head mistress from Matilda. If she ever bothers to praise me in between her snide remarks, it’s in the form of a backhanded compliment. She even criticised me for taking leave when I’d cleared it through all the right channels months before. That one took the biscuit, especially since I her comment didn’t quite sink in until after she’d left the room. You know those frustrating moments when somebody says something rude, but you didn’t quite process until their too far gone to respond? Yeah, she got me very riled up that time!

Anyway, last month I was informed by my boss number one that I will only be reporting to her from now on. It’s even getting changed on my job description. Good for me, right? Yep, Hallelujah!


Reflecting on the year so far, I’m really thankful for the friends I’ve made along the way, and I’m super proud in the way I’ve put myself out there to meet new people. Seriously, I’ve been inspired and motivated by so many of my friends recently, and even just catching up with them over coffee or attending parties has got me through some sensitive times. I cannot wait to see what this year brings for me and my already awesome friends!

2016 has been a rollercoaster of up and downs so far, but overall I’m pleased with the way things have worked out. Sure, works been a drag at times but my new healthy eating plan has been going well and my social life couldn’t be better. I’m definitely feeling positive, and now that my situation at work has mellowed a little since the boss predicament has sorted itself out its onward and upward for Wayward Professional.

Writers block is a pain, and I’ve been disappointed that I haven’t been able to write more content but honestly I don’t want to write garbage.

I’m thinking of you guys here! Here’s to getting my mojo back.xx


Easter Weekend in Bath, England


Over the Easter Weekend my boyfriend and I treated ourselves to 3 days in Bath, England. It was pre planned which I love to do because I am a big bargain hunter! Also a note to anyone who do long weekend trips, if there a public holidays included in the long weekend then you are going to be paying inflated prices. The weather was meant to be horrible, but hell its Spring! best thing you can do is just dress for the season…but funny enough we go lucky, raining in the evening and sunshine in the day.

Now enough about the weather. Bath is located an hour and a half (via train) west of London, we took a train from Paddington station; the return ticket I believe was £50 each. It was our intention to go on the motorbike, but severe wind warnings made us take public transport instead. I was surprised at how quick it took for us to get there, looking on the map you think it would be at least over 2 hours. Everything went smoothly getting to Paddington, took the district line there, picked up our tickets and BAM we board the train and off to Bath we went!

We what can I say, I loved visiting Bath! The Bath Abbey was spectacular, I cannot believe this is the 3rd version of the abbey. We took a walking tour of the city, which is a free service provided by the Mayor Bath. What is fantastic about this tour is not only do you learning about the general history of Bath, you learn about architecture, important events and also about the people who used to live there; like one gentleman who donated his weather to America in the name of science! In which you find out that is how the smithsonian was created…and it all start in Bath?! (my mind was blown on that fact).

The tour last around 2 1/2 hours, by then I was starving! The selection of restaurants in Bath was good, you can get 2 course meals for £14.50; we opted for this the first night and it was a pleasant meal (nothing rave about really). The other nights we had a pub meal, which you can never go wrong with and the last night we visited a Mexican rotisserie place; our focus in Bath wasn’t really on the food.


So on the last day we decided to do the Roman Baths, this was a really popular attraction so we went first thing and even then there were still swarms of people; but a bit more manageable I guess. The Roman Baths are hot springs, the first baths were original discovered by the British king Bladud who built the first Moorish baths, later when the Roman’s invaded the redesigned the baths to host Temples and a selection of hot and cold baths.


Price wise the baths only cost £15, I thought I would literally be seeing ruins and some general information about the site; however I was pleasantly surprised. You got audio tours, a complete museum with the breakdown of the history of the temples and bath itself, plus there were some snazzy artefacts to look at. Overall I would recommend that the Roman Baths should be a must do on your visit to Bath.

It was a fun weekend, taking a step back in time and seeing some stunning sites. I definitely want to go back as there was the Jane Austen museum and a few other shops that I wanted to wander into.

To the waters at Bath,


The Final Countdown – The Best of 2015

Hello Waywards,

The time has come for our yearly reflection together. How has it been for you in 2015? Have you achieved any goals that you had set for yourself? Did you discover something new about you?

For me this has been the most adventurous year, I have done a world trip, moved to a new country and made new friends along the way. This year was so jam packed for me, looking back I am surprised I have achieved it all.

2016 is going to be a year of cementing, I want to bring more focus to what I have achieved and how I can improve in certain areas. Being more consistent with my post is high on the list, along with creating a fabulous routine for myself! What do you want to cement into your life this coming year? Are you going to work on a personal project or are you going to strive more in the workplace?

I would love to hear your goals and aspirations for 2016, please leave a comment below or pop over to my twitter or facebook.

Here are my top posts of 2015:

To making your completing your goals,



The Walk in Wardrobe


I heard some epic tails from people about mass clothing swaps, people would be grabbing everything in sight, there would be pushing and shoving just to get items that are considered designer. There is no careful selection, no trying on the pieces to see if you fit or suit you, when I heard about this I was quite hesitant to try going to a professional clothing swap or in this case a Walk in Wardrobe.

But luckily when I went to the popular Walk in Wardrobe event it was nothing like that stories I heard, the complete opposite really. You could browse through the clothing racks at a leisurely pace, try on the items you are thinking about taking just that tick of the boxes of fit, look and colour. I am so glad to have gone, I was also pleasantly surprised there was refreshments such as Cava, Tea and Scones (YUM!).


The event was held in a room at the back of the Bakersville Tea shop, the racks were broken down in colours based around the seasons spring, winter, autumn and summer. Daisy the leading lady of this event (Founder of Wardrobe Workshop), welcomes you with her beautiful smile and explains the differences in the rack.

What really impressed me was that there were plenty of people bringing clothes and other who didn’t have anything (it is not compulsory to bring anything), the clothing items brought are broken down into seasonal clothes and put on the rack. There is also quality checks on the items brought in so no one takes away clothing that are torn or stained. The atmosphere is really chilled out, everyone was chatting among themselves, making recommendations as to each other if something suited or not. You could tell there were a couple of people who had just been to straight clothing swaps, because at the beginning you could see them take as much as possible. After awhile they start to relax and you see them start to put clothing back and use the changing room to try on the items they have selected and ask others their opinion.


This for me should be the essence of what a clothing swap is, being among friendly people picking out clothing that suits you and is what you need. Near the end of the event (which I would like to add was only a 2 hour slot) Daisy gave a small talk about a certain topic based on personal style, this day she talked about a capsule wardrobe. Your wardrobe should suit you perfectly in the sense that you could close your eyes and no matter what item you pick and put together they will all match! (oh what a fantasy).

From going to this event it got me thinking, how easy would it make your life be if every morning before work you could pick any item out of your closet and not only would it suit you, but it would make you look effortlessly put together! Colours and shapes suiting/fitting you like they are suppose to, corporate clothing would not feel so boring and best of all it would make getting ready in the mornings so much easier.

If this sounds like your cup of tea (or Cava) pop on over to Eventbrite and see when the next event is on, Daisy is a dear friend of mine and you would love her just as much as I do. She also offers personal style consultations in which she helps you find your colour palette and discusses/helps you design the wardrobe of your dreams (idyllic angels singing in the background).

Sadly Waywards, this is a London event only. Daisy will be looking a having more events outside London in the future and for my international friends tell me if you know of anything similiar and I would happily add this to the post.

To creating the wardrobe of your dreams,


Image credit: Georgina Canterini