There is no harm asking for help

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Today I left New Zealand to go on my big overseas adventure, I had everything packed and sorted and I was meeting my boyfriend at the airport. Everything went smoothly, check in was a breeze and I got to have a nice breakfast with my parents. So off we went after our goodbyes before the security gate, we pass through the scanners no sweat. I go patted down as a routine check (passed with flying colours) then my boyfriend turns to me and goes I think I have left my wallet in car.

There was a million and one scenarioes running through my head and my poor boyfriend was close to having a meltdown because he missed something important. So we both decided to ask one of the security people for help, we had called his parents who thankfully hadn’t left to check if the wallet was in their car. Luck was on our side and yes it was! So we just had to navigate how to get the wallet through security. Someone/something was definitely watching out for us, because we asked a security personnell if they could help and she happily went out to collect the wallet from my boyfriends parents. She collected it, scanned it for us and then wish us all the best for our trip. What an amazing experience! Yes it was stressful at the time but after the security ladies help it made really appreciate not only kind people but also the fact that we swallowed our pride and asked for help!

So when you are struggling, if its in life, work or like us unexpected scenarioes, there is no reason not to ask for help. You might find that you end up being pleasantly surprised.


8 Amazing Rituals for Entreprenuers


Unlike Traditions that are passed down from generation to generation, rituals give anyone the freedom to create the habits that they want. Entrepreneurs are similar to rituals they create what they believe is missing in the world and make it their own. Rituals are also a great way to create, motivate and centre yourself. Therefore I have created a go to list of possible rituals you could use in your everyday day life, it might inspire you to step outside the box. So here are my 8 amazing rituals:

☆ Read more – whether its fiction or non fiction, immerse yourself in the world of literature. Reading it a great way to inspire ideas or just relax you and take you away from reality for a period of time.

☆ Listen to others – try networking events, talk with friends, family or coworkers. Jump on to Tedx and listen to people talk about issues that are close to them.

☆ Enjoy so alone time – even if you are a big people person its healthy to have some down time. Have a place you like to go to, it might be a park or the beach? Spend sometime looking after you, because otherwise however are you going to make your stamp in the world if you are burning the candle at both ends?

☆ Write your ideas down – even if you feel that they are stupid or that nothing will become of it, writing things down helps you transform. But you need to remember no idea is silly, its just still in its infant form ready to grow.

☆ Give back – it might doing random deeds for people or just helping an old lady cross the street. Giving back in your neighborhood, community or even globally makes you understand how the world works and that is the best knowledge to have.

☆ Challenge traditions – who said you cannot think outside of the box?! If there are traditions in your field that seem out of date, then challenge them make people think. Make your own and dance around the restraints, you are never meant to be caged!

☆ Follow your ideas and the plans will start to spring to life.

☆ Remember smile through the bullshit – when life is giving you lemons just give it a smile. It’s not always going to be peachy, but keeping a positive attitude makes those rainy days much more bearable.

Happy Ritual Hunting,


10 Ways To Be A Switched On Professional


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Want to be the best you can be in your career? How about we start off with how you can be the best you! I wrote a top ten list to encourage you to think outside the square, take care of yourself and most of all try new things that might just make you that pro in your industry.

  1. Hydration – unless you are a very enthusiastic health bunny, many of us are just shocking at achieving the recommended water in take…lets be honest the more hydrated you are the more you are going to be able to concentrate more.
  2. Laughing – it has been proven that laughing helps improve you health not to mention that everyone looks much more appealing when they have a smile on their face.
  3. Connecting – Talk with your friends, family and work colleagues. They can be a wealth of knowledge and you might just discover something along the way, talking with people also helps you keep your finger on the pulse!
  4. Experiencing the unusual – Haven’t tried a seafood buffet…do it, heard about a book that could change the way you do business…read it, interested in going to a foreign movie…watch it! Experiencing something out of you comfort zone helps you establish understanding. There are going to be difficult times in your work situation where you need to go out of your comfort zone, so why not incorporate that into you everyday life?
  5. Cooking – Believe it or not it is a great stress reliever, try and get your hand messy once a week. By doing this you will clear you mind, clearing you mind is a benefit as when you go back to a task you see it in a new light; therefore you might pick up on things you missed before.
  6. Dancing – Its a great form of exercise and hey we all love to get our boggy on…plus you want to have smooth dances moves for the end of year party
  7. Dreaming – Where do ideas come from? Inspiration and Dreams of course?!
  8. Gratitude – No one like an arrogant, self absorbed ass! Appreciate the people and things around you.
  9. Researching – The ultimate way to make sure you ideas with come to life, plus researching helps you think about other opportunities that could happen down the track…
  10. Planning – Well after you have done 1-9 you need to have a plan on how you are going to execute the idea otherwise?

So now are you ready to blow people away with how fabulous you are?

Go forth and conquer!


How you can still look your badass self while in an relationship!


There comes a time when you might realise that a new relationship is stopping you from being the best you can be at work. Does this sound like you? You are sleep deprived because you let your boy/girlfriend keep you up talking about absolutely nothing…your appearance at work is below pa, you clothes are crinkled and you hair is constantly pinned back. You room is starting to gather dust from the lack of use. Well my waywards I hate to tell you but you are being sucked under by the realtionship bug. I am not saying relationships are a bad thing but if you are not smart you end up, being horribly unproductive at work because you are letting your relationship get in the way. So I have come up with a way to that can help the hopelessly in love, it will help you keep on top of your badassness as you always look in top condition! (car terminology much?)

Right so first things first you need to admit that you have a problem, like alcohol or drugs you need to admit that you have problem with keeping your life organised…this doesn’t mean you need to be a control freak, but having spares or backups can come in handy. If you suffer naturally from being messy like myself, I found a fun article called “The Messy Person’s Guide to Staying Organised” once you have had a little read of this; then carry on further down the post.




One of the first things you need to consider is where you spend most of your time, at their house or at your house? If it is the first one you then needing to ask yourself a few questions, do I leave their place to head to work? And do I go straight to their place after I finish work? With myself there are a couple of days in the week that I stay overnight and leave straight to work from his place. So here is the first tip, have a satchel always at hand! I use a country road one, in the satchel I have:

  • A spare change of clothes that could be reused over a couple of days (there are always scenarios where you end up unintentionally staying longer and you need to work with what you got)
  • Deodorant and Moisturiser (body & face) – do you want to be smelly and flaky?!
  • Hair Brush, Body Wash, Shaver and a Toothbrush
  • Makeup – any women that work usually have to wear makeup and also it is nice to have something to enhance you when you are not feeling oh so fabulous…
  • Lastly I have a couple of accessories, beanie (as its winter at the moment) a necklace and earrings to switch up!

What I didn’t tell you is that I also have gym clothes in my bag, but this is only because I workout quite a bit and I also workout with my boyfriend. So when he wants to go I am prepared 🙂

After awhile I am sure you will leave things behind at your other half’s place, but if everything is new this is a good way to keep effortlessly together…I mean you can change it to whatever suits you best.



Now go forth and conquer my waywards! be fabulous, unique and amazing because that is what we all are!!

Much Love and Magic




How to negotiate like a boss!


There comes a time when you will have to ask for something from your boss, whether it be for better pay or something else that is important; its critical to know how to negotiate and get what you want 🙂

I thought I would share some tips with you around negotiating for what you want, so you can be a boss and get that happy result! I mean at the end of the day your employer does want you otherwise he wouldn’t have hired you in the first place (I know there are exceptions to the rule)…

So firstly you need to sit down and think…what do you want? are you wanting a pay rise? a promotion? or just plan recognition that you hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Cardinal rule, if you don’t head into a negotiation without at least a fundamental idea about what you want, you can end up walking away with nothing or sadly even in a worse position.

Another point to take into consideration is your worth, we are prone to under valuing ourselves. Write down points as to why you are an assest to the company; do you make a contribution that others cannot? Or do your skills make you stand out from the rest?! Then translate this into $$, look at the market and see positions similar to your one and see if they are offering the same or if there is a trend of pay by other companies.

Now after you have applied these points, you need to consider where you are having this meeting. What some may not realise is that positive negotiations happen in positive environments. For example if you negotiate with your boss in their office the feeling of defeat can be the white elephant in the room. Then vice versa if you get your boss to come to you, they can feel trapped and pressured. What I suggest is to have a meeting outside the office, maybe in a cafe? Somewhere netural, this takes away any hostile feel from both sides.

Then starts the actual negotiation, remember you need to listen to how your employer answers your demands. Some good techniques for intiating negotiation is to say “thank you for taking the time to see me” or “I understand you are quite busy, however I want to discuss with you my current job situation”; the best one I find that works well for me is “I feel that I needed to express my concerns about where I stand and hopefully we both can find a solution that is agreeable to both”. It might sound a bit robotic to you but remember to put your own spin on it, approach your boss the way you know best!

Well my friends I hope you find these tools helpful and that when you negotiate you get what you want! Please tell me how it goes if you do have to negotiate, I would love to hear your feedback.

Much Love and Magic


When the bad weather hits… 10 tips to keeping yourself occupied while indoors

Since there is a cyclone about to pass over New Zealand, I have brought up a list of things I like to do when going outside does not seem viable. I hope you find these useful or at least something to inspire you later on!

  • ·        Rearrange you wardrobe, Gala Darling wrote an article on how to rearrange your wardrobe! Who doesn’t love a tidy space?!
  • ·        Practising cooking, make some dishes for the rest of the week or maybe even try out that devil chocolate cake recipe
  • ·        Arrange Skype dates with family overseas – if you are anything like me you are prone to not keeping in contact with relatives so why not arrange a time to speak with them
  • ·        Have a bath – now I know there are some of you who neglect your poor bath, so treat it and yourself! Even get some pretty things for Lush?
  • ·        Give yourself so beauty loving – been meaning to paint your toe nails, or pluck your eyebrows? Guys have you meant to trim those side burn or get a haircut…why not?!
  • ·        Exercise! – Whether it be yoga, kick boxing, stretching or squeezing a run/walk while the weather holds out. Get that blood pumping!
  • ·        Tidy up your desktop – computer running slow? How about you sort out all the bad photos and get rid of music you don’t listen to?
  • ·        Catch up on those television series you have been neglecting
  • ·        Update your social media or upload those photos you have been meaning to edit
  • ·        Have your friends over for an intimate dinner – why not if they are like you stuck at home, round everyone up for a night social cheer!

Much love and procrastination,


Spring Overhaul

Photo from Pinterest
It has come to my attention that it is time for a revamp, now that I am not a student anymore (woohoo) I think it is time to make my surroundings represent where I am in my life. Currently it is in a stage of chaos and when I mean chaos I mean I have two types of personalities mixed into one. I have my student life trying to hold strong against my approaching work life, now you may wonder what the hell does that mean?! Here is a summary of it:
  • My wardrobe is a confused mess, it does not distinguish who I am right now! There are different pieces of clothing that I do not wear anymore or that needs to be repaired or even thrown out!
  • When I look at my room I see remnants of a student life over the past 4 years and a mixtures of my new life trying to come through; so merely I have items that I used in my student years that are now gathering dust and newer items trying to fit in to my tiny little room.
As well know that most of us like to spring clean when this season appears, meaning out with the old and in with the new! To be honest I never took the “spring clean” thing seriously but as I matured I realised it is a great way to improve your surrounding for the on coming months and make room for new and exciting things.
So this week I am dedicating my spare time to spring cleaning my wardrobe, my inspiration did come from reading Gala Darling’s article on wardrobe taming and that has really got the ball rolling for my spring overhaul.
I will keep you posted on my progress this week via twitter and give you a review at the end of it!