Make the most of your Headphones


There is always that one person; the person who sits at their desk with their headphones in for most of the day. Initially you think it is really rude, that they don’t want to socialise; but then as you settle into your role and you realise they are bang on the money. Constant interruptions are common in the workplace, we all know that! So what can we do to minimise unnecessary interruptions?

My lovely friend Sara wrote a piece on colleague interruptions a while back, but I thought I would delve a little further into the reasons as to why headphones might help. 

Open plan offices came into popularity in the 1950’s, the style was long large tables or rows of desks were typists, clerks or technicians did sedentary tasks. During the 80’s and 90’s companies start experimenting with the layout of open plan offices; incorporating  plants, accessories and seating arrangement. However every individual is different, not everyone functions efficiently in an open plan environment there are always trade offs from the design (good and bad).

So what can you do to make this environment work for you? It does seem too simple that headphones would be recommended, and this method is tried and true. Headphones are a subtle indicator to anyone that you DO NOT want to be disturbed, they also provide you with a pleasant background noise or if you want they can be great earmuffs if you want to work in silence. But how can we take this further?

Get bright: find headphones that standout, colourful or large or both. People can be really oblivious that you have headphone in, so don’t hide your fabulous accessory show it off. #Loud&Proud

Keep the volume sensible: don’t lose you hearing because you want to drown everyone out, invest in noise cancelling headphone; you can get them in earphone format as well. So be smart and get a great pair! don’t go deaf because you have your volume level at scream high…

Make an epic playlist/s: science has linked productivity and less stress, if you use Spotify there are some amazing playlists that people have made to help stay motivated at work.

I hope my little tips help, sometimes we can over look the obvious or dear I say it not think outside of the box!

To podcasts and playlists,


Credit Image: Sai Kiran Anagani




Own that 9-5!


A lot of us dream of becoming our own boss, but until that becomes a reality we all end up doing a 9 to 5 of sorts, so why not own that job until you break away like a beautiful hummingbird in flight. We work for well over half our lifetime, so why should we put ourselves in a job that we don’t like? Needing a job to live is understandable, however you can keep trying till you find that job is worth having a 9-5 for!

Fast forward to being in the job you wanted, how should you make the most of it?

Establishing an amazing morning routine is great way to get the most out of your 9 to 5, but what makes a great routine? Well sleep is always the first essential ingredient. For me 7-8 hours a night definitely gives me the spring in my step, to work out how many hours of sleep that will benefit you, try for one week 7 hours of sleep, then the next week 8 and so on. You should judge the result by assessing how you feel each morning, are you really groggy to for the first 10 minutes or are you tired the while way until you get to work?

Next is your breakfast routine, our bodies need to be refuelled so that we can run at optimal levels for the day. If you are not a big eater in the morning, invest in a blender and make breakfast smoothies. You can slowly drink them throughout the morning, the more fruit and nuts the better! Now if you are anything like me you like a hearty breakfast to set your day right, I added 10 extra minutes to my morning routine so that I can have 2 eggs on toast; this lasts me till late morning and I eat breakfast at 6am! Starting your morning off right makes going to work less of a hassle.

So you sorted your morning routine but that is just the first part. To love your 9 to 5 you need to have a consistent system that can adapt to your way of life.  When I arrive at work I sit down and sort out what I need to achieve today, I used my outlook calendar and notebook to write down my goals. I also have reminder in my calendar that pop up when I need to do a daily task. Using planners, notebooks and electronic calendars help me stay on top of my goals and tasks that I have at work. Knowing that I have these systems helps me be relaxed in the workplace, I feel a clear direction is needed to be good at what you are doing. It is different for other industries and it not always that straight forward, but I do recommend a form of note taking that works for you.


Making friends with work colleagues is another method to help you enjoy your 9 to 5, they can be the people you go have a drink with after work or just simply the people you can have a small chit chat with throughout the day. An upbeat environment creates positives attitudes which I fully believe is a contributing factor to productivity. Colleague friendships are a benefit work wise, when you are struggling with a task or project they will be there to help you and make the process less stressful. I mean who doesn’t want that?!

Next thing to consider is your method of transport to work, do you take public transport? or do you drive/ride to work daily? It doesn’t matter which one it is you should always make your transport an enjoyable experience. For example I have a two playlists for work, one for the journey there and one for the journey back. My morning one is all upbeat tracks design to get me in the energetic mood, plus it also helps keep my optimism and for the journey home I have mellow beats to help me unwind, so when I get home I am fully relaxed and ready to enjoy my evening.

Music its a wonderful way to help enjoy your day, it is very common in workplaces to have music on in the background. If you are not a fan of listening to music in the morning, trying reading if you take public transport or for the drivers/rider talk out about what you want to achieve today. It is a very productive way to start your morning, plus you can feel more settled as you have set tasks for yourself to achieve.

This is only the tip of the ice berg of ways you can improve your 9 – 5! Head over to my twitter or facebook page I would love to hear about you do to make your 9-5 special.

To owning your 9 – 5.


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Spring Overhaul

Photo from Pinterest
It has come to my attention that it is time for a revamp, now that I am not a student anymore (woohoo) I think it is time to make my surroundings represent where I am in my life. Currently it is in a stage of chaos and when I mean chaos I mean I have two types of personalities mixed into one. I have my student life trying to hold strong against my approaching work life, now you may wonder what the hell does that mean?! Here is a summary of it:
  • My wardrobe is a confused mess, it does not distinguish who I am right now! There are different pieces of clothing that I do not wear anymore or that needs to be repaired or even thrown out!
  • When I look at my room I see remnants of a student life over the past 4 years and a mixtures of my new life trying to come through; so merely I have items that I used in my student years that are now gathering dust and newer items trying to fit in to my tiny little room.
As well know that most of us like to spring clean when this season appears, meaning out with the old and in with the new! To be honest I never took the “spring clean” thing seriously but as I matured I realised it is a great way to improve your surrounding for the on coming months and make room for new and exciting things.
So this week I am dedicating my spare time to spring cleaning my wardrobe, my inspiration did come from reading Gala Darling’s article on wardrobe taming and that has really got the ball rolling for my spring overhaul.
I will keep you posted on my progress this week via twitter and give you a review at the end of it!

The next chapter!!

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Well the weekend flew by in a crazy wonderful mess, I stayed up till the morning watching the day start on the new chapter of my life. Yes it is a bit cliché in the way it sounds, but I believe there needs to be some symbolism in ones life, because how are you going to recognise growth if you don’t make momentous occasions?!
This post was going to be about preparing for a party such as a birthday, this was more in the material sense of what you can do to make things work and look fabulous to your ideal. However I am now feel that with my party that has been, I want to share with you about certain occasion where preparing mentally is just as important as physically.

There are always going to be moments in your life that you build up to, mine is my graduation due in August and the fact that I have turned 25! I planned my birthday 2 months in advance, a bit excessive for some people, but for me it is a natural thing I like to do. When I say plan, I looked at venues, decoration, what I was going to wear and who would possibly come. What I can pass on to you is keep your expectations realistic, I have come across many people who at their party are freaking out that something is not right, like did they provide enough food or will many people come? It made me realise when I was planning my birthday that those concerns are not relevant, at the end of the day you are having a party for you! if no one comes to your birthday then you truly know some of your friends are not really there for you.

Now you say “what do you mean those things are not relevant”?!, yes, having a good amount of food and people show up to your party are factors in making an unforgettable night. If you are consistent in your planning, then you should not have to be concerned about those two factors; when I mean consistent I mean you have to notify people in advance, say 1 month and then send a reminder a week out just before the event. Therefore no one can claim that they did not know about your upcoming events, in today’s society, being so busy a couple of reminders do not go a stray and are not on the border of harassment.

After all that it is important to reflect on ones standing when birthday’s come round, I sat back and thought about what I had achieved in my 25 years; well I finished high school, went travelling around the world and meet amazing new people who I am privileged to call friends. Now I am writing in new goals that I want to obtain, having a time line is helpful but you have to be aware that there will be hurdles along the way, for me one of my new goals is to move to England and do my overseas experience (OE). I have set the date for my May 2014 but you never know I may end up going earlier due to prices being cheaper or I may end up going later because I am short a bit in funds. Also another goal is that I want to meet more people, preferably out on New Zealand and work toward improving my blogging, plus getting out there more in the workforce. These goals do not really have a specific date, but they are goals that are achievable and satisfying at the end of the day.

I hope after reading this that you are a bit inspired to set some new goals for yourself, why not grab a blank journal and write out what you have achieved and what you plan to do next? Make it pretty and stamp it with your own signature style, it will be a great reference point when you feel like you are losing direction in what you are doing in life. I will post up mine once I have finished!

Please let me know how you get on, I would love to hear from you!!

Peace Out


Beauty Review – Products Recently Used Up

Photo at Elephant Hill

What a world win the last two weeks have been for me! I took on a contract and it has been non stop for me since then, balancing two work loads and trying to find me time; which in the end I talk a small weekend trip away to regroup my bearings, got to love Napier!
Now in the process of these two week I managed to ruin my happy functioning eating plan, also let my room turn into a bomb site and fall behind on my blogging, the thing I am really enjoying the most. However there are priorities that do outweigh others and with contract work you have a limited time to complete the task set out for you and believe me that was the most important! 
I digress this beauty review was something I really wanted to share with you all, as a lot blogs that I read have reviews on a product but lack the lustre of what the product is actually suppose to do. So for this beauty review I am going tell you about two products that I have brought and used up and how I used them and what they are mean’t to do. Being a novice in certain beauty areas myself I find that a good review has a description as to how they are used and why, then when I buy it I don’t feel stupid in not knowing how to use  it.
So after that long winded spiel here are the products I used up:

Nivea Visage – Daily Essentials Refreshing Toner (Normal to Combination Skin)

I have been using this toner for years, it is light when you apply it and my skin feels refreshed, awake is the best way to describe it. Toner is designed as the in between of your cleansing and moisturising, it is suppose to ensure that when you clean away the dirt on your face, the toner top up any natural oils that have been stripped. What I have found is that some toners are too acidic and makes skin feel tight and can be itchy when moisturiser is not applied straight afterwards. I found the best way to distribute the toner is in a little spray bottle, I created in way a spritizer for my face, I spray the toner all over my face and neck then wipe away the residue.  The toner I found is a happy medium, there is no great result with this toner, it does its job but not to a brilliant effect; I recommend this as a staple in your beauty regime for a cheap effective toner that would go well with any routine.

Garnier – Clean Detox, Gentle Brightening Scrub

When I first used this product my skin can away slightly red, however I persevered and found that my skin did feel fresher. It claims to be a brightening scrub that clears away the dead cells and pollution from your face, however I was not sure that my skin looked fresher but it did feel it. I did used a face scrubber to help the scrub go into my pores, I think doing this helped the face product be more effective. This product I would use again but I want to find something better, this product needed extra products to make it effective on my face. I would not recommend this to beginners as the application is not easy and you need to be consciously aware of the affects it might have on your skin.

I hope this was helpful!

Expect more soon from me,

Peace Out


Beauty Review – Nivea & Garnier

Hey Peeps,

The weeks have seem to have disappeared, I hope everyone has had a interesting time. For me I have had a car accident, been super busy at work and still managed to fit in birthday parties in the process. What a life you might say, I say yes! but everyone can be busy it just might not be the same things as me; so again procrastination material has been sparse. So the material I present you is my opinion the two products shown above, Garnier BB Cream and Nivea Light Moisturising Day cream. In the last month or so I have started to become more and more obsessed with finding face products that are not horrendously expensive and to point actually do at least 70% of what they say the can do on the box. Well I hope this is interesting for you and is in the end helpful as a review.
I was very very skeptical when I purchased this product, “gives a matte effect” “reduces pores & imperfections”. The first thing I would like to point out is that if you are not educated on what type of skin you have any of the products you buy that are not suited to your skin type, will not be as effective as you want it to be!

Our skin changes all the time due to many external and internal elements i.e. the weather. BB cream is the current fad at the moment I have come discover why, not only does it complete one of your skin care routines but it also has traces of foundation and SPF. Upon application it looked like foundation out of the tube and had the similar texture, when I applied it to my surprise it glided on like moisturiser and did have a matte finish!

Doing the test run I checked on it through out they day and again I was pleasantly surprised, it stayed on with only a few area getting a little thin however it kept its coverage. Being a supermarket/drug store product it does a great job, it has now become a definite in my beauty bag and I would recommend giving it a go if you like tinted moisturisers or are bit young to be wearing foundation. Also please not I tested this with a other products, I used under eye concealer, general concealer and adding on top bronzer and blush. This product is great as a simple base for everyday natural wear, I would not recommend it for night wear.

Nivea Light Moisturising Day Cream

Now this cream it good, not amazing or mind blowing but it completes its job of being a moisturiser. I know that Nivea followers will understand what I mean when I say it has that distinct Nivea smell; lots of their moisturisers especially have a distinct smell in which you know it is Nivea. The cream apply’s easy and is not too creamy as being a oily/combination skin I am very anti sheen! It worked well with the Garnier BB Cream, the combination seemed to help the BB Cream stay on longer and my face was not irritated by it. You cannot really go wrong with the product, great for day to day wear under other products; a good starting product also for a beauty routine or a new person taking on a facial routine.

So there is my beauty review for these two products, I do hope they were helpful! Now back on the band wagon and bring on Procrastination Wednesday. What great and wonderful site to find and explore next..

Peace Out


Procrastination Wednesday 10th April

My little snippet of Wellington

Happy Procrastination Day

How has everyone’s week been? I am pretty proud of myself getting this written before the week is out, I have such a blast being in Wellington and visiting my friends, I never leave Wellington disappointed!! This week’s material is based around my trip, so if you have any plans to go there I suggest to take a look at some of the places I will suggest..

  • So this is the bag I took as luggage for 2 days, I am very proud to say that I fitted everything I needed; Country Road bags are extremely popular as luggage bags for short amounts of time. If you are ever in the market for one, I suggest looking at one of these! Mine was jam packed for my 2 day adventure, you never know what you might get up to and I like to be prepared.
My room at Ibis Wellington
  • When I got in at 10.30 pm I was pretty happy to have such a comfy room as this, great size, comfortable bed and the reception on the television was perfect. The 24 hour reception was a bonus as I was worried that I might have to call a number to be let in! Overall I had a great experience at Ibis the staff were friendly and helpful, the rooms immaculately clean and the atmosphere very relaxing, but not to mention right in the middle of Wellington central!
  • I confess when I go to any place I always go check out the shops, even if they have the same shops like Auckland. I ended up purchasing essentials which made feel very pleased with myself; I brought leggings from Glassons, two beanies from Cotton On, a pair of pajama pants from Cotton On Body and of course I hit the Lush they had! Lastly I got this really nice smelling candle from Ecoya which was sold in Stevens, I am starting to get back into burning scented candles, you just cannot beat a nice smelling room or even home!
So the weekend really consisted of me catching up with friends, eating fabulous food and shopping. What more could a girl ask for? If you are looking for a great breakfast or nice place to chill out I would recommend Olive, I went there on my last day for brunch and had a really nice Eggs Benedict. On a last note when you do go to Wellington (and you should) checkout Cuba St there is such life on this street, I saw a man get arrested and I also go preached to about how I need to be religious. So get among-est the quirkiness and I will see you all next week.
Peace Out