Use Your Calendar Like A Pro

As of late I have been heavily relying on my calendars at work and when I mean calendars I mean technologically and physically. Years ago it was quite common to have your diary open on the day in which you would have made your notes, but since the technological revolution of the smartphone an computers I have seen people loss touch with the essentials of being organised. It still baffles me that even with the smart phones people are still managing to miss place information and run late for meetings.

What it is really down to is refining and deciding what medium will work for you, for example I use my outlook calendar to schedule in all important tasks that I need to do daily, weekly or monthly. I then use a physical diary to write notes and comments but which I can refer back to or look ahead. I do not sync my phone or use my phone’s calendar for work, I choose to do this because any extra work can be achieved in working hours.

Physical Calendars

So what mediums are there that you can use, well you have outlook calendar, Google (or similar) calendar, a physical diary, a desktop/wall calendar and lastly your mobile calendar. Whew that is just feels overwhelming talking about it! First things first you need to establish where you will be, does your job entail that you sit at a desk for most of the day? Or are you out and about, interacting with customers, making delivery or doing research?

When you have reviewed what your work routine is then you can start to decide on what medium will work for you, desk calendars are really good for quick referencing. Circling the date and put a small note this makes you consciously aware of something important is coming, however if you are not at your desk everyday it could be a hindrance and make you feel anxious rather than organised. If you are not at your desk everyday a small diary could be a better alternative than a desk calendar, you can circle the dates on the monthly overview and then add more detail to the day/weekly overview. Moving aware from the physical calendar we now have reached the technological calendar.

Technological Calendars

Whether its Gmail, outlook or your apple calendar they all roughly hold the same functions. If you need to be out and about as part of your job syncing your phone to your calendar is essential, I know each calendar has a different setup process but the setup wizard will guide you through it. Once this is done it opens some many possibilities to keep you organised, one feature I believe that is not used efficiently enough is the alarm setting. You need to understand that you can put multiple alarms for one note, if you know that you are a swipe and forget person put in alarms throughout the week so it can give you the kick up the butt that you need. I like have one the day before and one an hour out, this ensures that I do not arrive or complete the task in a rush!

There are plenty of list apps on the market today that are designed to help you be more “organsied”, but it is purely down to making the small efforts with your calendars. Sync your calendar to your phone, then apply the right alarms and I guarantee you will be away laughing at how these reminders are saving you time and embarrassment.

If this system doesn’t work in your job or life then play around with my recommendations and I can guarantee you with find a calendar method that will work for you.

Have I missed anything? Is there a way that you use your calendar that kills what I do? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Much love and work magic,