10 things you can do on a gloomy day

Photo by Gabriel Santiago

Is the weather crap? Are you being restricted by grey clouds and rain? Not to worry I wrote a list on what you can do on a gloomy day, these recommendations will make you forget what the weather doing and put a big smile on your face.

  1. Catch up on your writing/reading: you may not have a blog, but that doesn’t mean you cannot write in a journal or even make a list. Maybe you could write down your travel goals, where would you like to go on your next holiday? Do you want to take a paper at university this year? I like to write anything that comes into my head, you never know what brilliance might pour out!
  2. Pamper yourself: Do your nails need attention? Girl get down to business and treat yourself like a goddess! Boys you can do this to, maybe have a nice bath while reading your favourite magazine or as my boyfriend likes to do watch youtube videos.
  3. Organise something: be productive and sort out an area that has been bugging you. It doesn’t have to be a large space, maybe your side table or setting up your DVD’s in alphabetical order? Chuck on some music, light a candle and sing your heart our to your favourite tunes while you do this; you will be so satisfied once you have completed it.
  4. Go for a walk: come on! what is not to love about walking in the rain? grab you boots and umbrella, plug in your head phones and go out into the world! I like to walk to my local shops get a Starbucks and go for a walk around our common. Yep, I am only out for 30mins but I feel refreshed and relaxed once I get back in.
  5.  Have a friend over for a movie marathon: having an urge to watch all the classic star wars movies back to back? or do you want to start watching a Tv series that you heard about? Get your pal over, cook some snack and settle down for some Tv madness. I always like to do this late afternoon into the evening so it doesn’t feel like you have wasted the whole day away.
  6. Do online research: this could be anything from looking at gifts for friends or trying to find a dupe on a product that you really want. Scroll through those wishlists on ASOS and Amazon
  7. Try out at home yoga or meditation: Download some apps and give your body and soul some treatment, there are fabulous apps out there that can guide you step by step, trust me if you combine this with idea 2 you will have an amazing relaxed day.
  8. Visit a museum or art gallery: I fully believe these places should be visited on rainy days, not the mall! Museums are always beautifully lit and you get to experience history and culture in such an amazing environment.
  9. Go to a new restaurant or cafe: Been dying to try out that place around the corner but never seem to have a moment to go? Meet up with a friend, take a loved one or just go on your own and enjoy the surroundings. Maybe you could write a review on yelp?
  10. Create/Bake: Make a cake, or even try out a few new recipes that have been on the to try list. I like to go through a few blogs and food sites, then head down to the supermarket for any extra supply’s and lead the master chef soar.

Well I hope this list has inspired you to make the most of a gloomy day, if you like this sort of post check out my post on what to do when you are not feeling your fabulous self .

Much Love and Magic,


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