Letters from Jane Austen Review


I am one of those people that will sign up for free courses on-line, but I never really sign up for a paid one. Why? Because I find a lot of the course hardly value for money. However when Xandra from Herione Training released the letters from jane austen email course, I impulsively clicked BUY straight away. I confess I didn’t really read into what the email course was about, I have always been a big Jane Austen fan and over the years I always read/watched any Austen I could get my hands on. I also put it down to being an avid reader of Xandra’s site, she is possibly only of the only blogger I know who’s website site is a mixture of literature and lifestyle.

My favourite book still till this day is Pride and Prejudice followed closely by Emma, I know I am not a diligent fan like other people but I always come back to Austen in times of comfort and need.

Now I digress slightly, here is a little more about these letters, they come weekly into your mailbox on a Friday. I created a folder and a filter so there would be no missing my precious gems (if you are anything like me you already have 100 unread messages in your inbox).

Xandra’s course consists of an email every Friday covering the works by Jane Austen: Northanger Abbey, Sense & Sensibility, Pride & Prejudice, Emma, Mansfield Park and Persuasion. Each letter covers a certain amount of chapters, along with Xandra’s letter to you about what her thoughts were on these chapters.

I loved the personal touch, as it felt like I was sitting right in front of her debating the characters; also at the bottom of the letter you get a section called Regency to Reality Takeaway (which I think its the best part.) The takeaway is a small summary about certain words used in the book that are outdated in today’s society, there is a brief description on how you can use them in a sentence too!

My first letter was from the book Sense and Sensibility, Xandra covers a select amount of chapters per letter. You feel like you are having a conversation with her about the characters and scenarios, she also gives you an analytical overview of what the underlying themes are.

Getting these letters were a highlight of my work week, they inspired me to get back into reading the classics; it also made me smile and realise that even way back then there were still the same relationship happening today.

I definitely would recommend anyone who loves Jane Austen or classic literature to sign up for these letters, let’s clear out the spam and put something enlightening into our weekly emails.