The Bucket List

tumblr_m2gc9eDwys1qz6f9yo1_500I started this blog as an outlet to share my life experiences and what do you know, people love to read about other peoples experiences! It has got me thinking though about defining my blog a little further, I want you to visit my site and quickly get the grasp of what I am about.

From some personal exploration thanks to my idol Gala Darling I have found the definition of myself and this blog, I am creating a wayward guide to life! As I like to do things my own way I wanted to share with you what I discover…the wayward guide is currently focused around business but I wanted to give you sometime extra on the side.

Therefore I would like to present my series that I will be writing….The Bucket List Diaries!

What does this entail?

This series will be continuous, unlike other bloggers who might do their series for an certain amount of time. I plan to keep going with this series, because a bucket list is a life long list that you keep to inspire you to try out the big old world. I will still be writing other posts on my wayward guide, but this series is dedicated to what I want to achieve before I physically cannot do them (not trying to sound morbid promise!)

So will you follow me on my bucket list adventure? It will be an eye opening experiences, where you could laugh, sigh or even go why is this on your list?!

We should all have a list like this, because it keeps us all young at heart and our minds open to the unlimited amount of possibilities.

Peace Out


Current Bucket List


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